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  • the Fountain, Orlando, FL

    Where to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Florida

    by PTI Marketing | Jun 10, 2019
    To keep you, your friends and family, and your home safe, we’ve collected some of the best locations in Florida that offer the best fireworks display that will fulfill everyone with joy. Put on your best red, white and blue outfit and celebrate America’s birthday!

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  • july4thsafety_thumbnail

    Tips for a Safe and Fun July 4th Holiday

    by PTI Marketing | May 29, 2019
    Lighting fireworks is a beloved Independence Day tradition for families across Florida. While this sparkling display of freedom brings joy to both children and adults alike, fireworks can be extremely dangerous if not handled with care.

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  • AmericanFlagInstallation_Thumbnail

    Honoring the American Flag on Your Florida Home

    by PTI Marketing | May 16, 2019
    We would like to share several tips for honoring the American flag on your Florida home, whether it’s Flag Day, Independence Day, or one of the other 363 days of the year.

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  • PrepareHomeTips_Thumbnail

    Expert Tips to Prepare Your Home Before a Storm Strikes

    by PTI Marketing | Apr 24, 2019
    We asked our affiliate, Rapid Response Team, Florida's largest insurance restoration general contractor, how our policyholders could get better prepared for the Florida storm season.

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  • Easter Basket

    10 Easter Sunday Party Ideas for Your Florida Home

    by PTI Marketing | Apr 15, 2019
    Easter is just around the corner! This holiday may bring family and friends together for celebration, but no one wants to go to a lame party.

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  • Dryer Cleaning_1

    How to Clean your Dryer Duct

    by People's Trust Marketing | Mar 18, 2019
    March signals the start of spring – a time of reassessment, growth, and renewal that brings positive change. It’s also a good time to renew our commitment to helping people in our communities be savvy consumers.

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  • Flooding Front Yard

    Why You Should Buy Flood Insurance in Florida

    by PTI Marketing | Feb 12, 2019
    Most homeowners in Florida do not have flood insurance. Only 13% of the entire state withholds flood insurance, the remaining 87% are at risk of paying costly damage fees from flooding within in their home.

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  • summer home maintenance tips

    Summer Home Maintenance Tips

    by PTI Marketing | Jul 25, 2018
    Maintaining your home can be one of the simplest ways to prevent claims and deter crime! We hope these tips help you enjoy more of your summer!

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  • People's Trust Lightning Prevention Tips

    Follow These Lightning Prevention Tips for a Safe Florida Summer

    by PTI Marketing | Jun 28, 2018
    We've prepared safety tips for the upcoming stormy season. Lightning is a real risk as you're more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark! Did you know that lightning is the third largest storm-related killer in the US?

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