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What is Florida Homestead Exemption
What Is the Florida Homestead Exemption?

Recently moved into a new home? You could save hundreds of dollars a year by applying for a Florida homestead exemption! Here’s what you need to know to get started.

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A thief dressed in black and holding a flashlight rummaging through a home I the dark.
Does Home Insurance Cover Theft? What Is & Isn't Covered

Your home insurance often includes personal property coverage that insures your belongings in the event of a burglary and theft. Every insurance policy is unique, so it is important to review the extent of coverage you have for your valuables and belongings.

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Picture of a white bench and bright pink flowers on the front porch of a bright blue house.
Do You Have to Have Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance isn't legally required, but you may still have to purchase a policy depending on the terms of your mortgage. Either way, you may want it, as home insurance protects your property and your finances when the worst happens to your house.

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Two Adirondack chairs on a wooden pier next to a canoe overlooking a lake and a summer cabin
Vacation and Second Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

Second homes are generally more expensive to insure because they are considered riskier than primary homes. Homeowners should consider bundling insurance policies and updating their home security to help reduce their premiums.

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