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Company Information

How is People’s Trust different from other insurance companies?

Why does your insurance model work better in Florida?

How does People’s Trust handle claims?

I heard about the vipGOLD priority access – how can I get that?

How long have you been in business?

Is your company rated?

What is Reinsurance?

Why is reinsurance important?

What are your reinsurance carriers rated?

How do I know your company is licensed and approved by the state to cover my property?

What factors can affect the price of home insurance?

What is the Preferred Contractor Endorsement?

What is Assignment of Benefits?

Billing & Online Access

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

Can you explain your installment fees?

Can I view my policy online?

Can I pay online? If so, is there a fee?

What credit cards do you accept for premium payments?

What is Paperless Policy?

What are the advantages to signing up for Paperless Policy?

How can I enroll in Paperless Policy Delivery?

How Do I know that I have a bill or document to review online?

Where do I find my billing information?

Can I switch back to paper bills in the future?

Discounts & Credits

What is “wind mitigation” and why do I need it?

Do you offer credits for alarms systems?

Why are there three deductibles on my policy?

Do you provide insurance for homes that are under construction?

What types of discounts do you offer?

Do you offer a senior discount?

Do you offer a discount for military personnel or veterans?

Do you offer a discount for homes in gated or secured communities?

Do you offer a discount if I elect to receive my policy electronically?

What is insurance scoring?

Who determines my insurance score?

How will insurance scoring affect my premium?

Will my rate go up if I have a bad insurance score?

Will running my insurance score affect my credit score?

What is the difference between an insurance score and a credit score?

Policies & Underwriting

What documents will I need to generate a quote from a Sales Representative?

Does the HO3 homeowner's policy cover water damage for homes more than 40 years old?

Can you elect the Water Damage Coverage Exclusion if your home is younger than 40 years?

What factors can affect homeowners insurance premiums?

Will my rate go up?


Does the homeowner’s policy include flood insurance?

What counts as a flood?

Does your policy cover business-related items?

Is there a limit on coverage for my jewelry or other valuable items?

What is the Personal Property Replacement Endorsement?

What is Ordinance or Law Coverage?

Do you offer Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Do you offer Buried Utility Lines coverage?

Glossary of Terms

What is Actual Cash Value (ACV)?

Who is an additional insured?

What is a co-applicant?

What is a deductible?

What is depreciation?

What is an endorsement?

What are exclusions?

What is a home inventory?

What is a hurricane deductible?

What are named perils?

What does replacement cost mean?

Assignment of Benefits