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Hurricane Planning Resources

Welcome to our Hurricane Planning Hub! On this page, we’ve compiled all of our hurricane safety tips and other resources to help you prepare for Florida’s hurricane season. Below, you’ll find checklists you can use as a guide to stock up on essential supplies, guidelines for fortifying your home against windstorms, directions for filing a post-hurricane insurance claim, and much more.

Be sure to revisit this page for the latest hurricane planning information. You can also download our printer-friendly Hurricane Preparation Guide, which contains 20+ pages of everything you need to know about planning for hurricanes.

A tree falls on a house and causes damage after a storm

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim After a Hurricane

If your home sustains storm damage, knowing how to file an insurance claim can really help. Read on to learn our tips for filing a hurricane insurance claim. 



Worker nailing plywood over window of home

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Learn how to prepare for a hurricane in Florida by reading our tips on gathering supplies, fortifying your property, and staying informed. 



Blue tarp covering roof damage

Does Home Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

When it comes to hurricanes, you may find that your homeowner’s insurance has coverage gaps. Here’s how to find out if your insurance covers hurricane damage. 



Caring for Pets During A Hurricane Infographic

How to Care for Pets During a Hurricane

Pets are family—and that means taking their needs into consideration during hurricane season. Do your pets’ needs fit into your family’s emergency plan? We created an infographic to help you care for your pets before, during and after a storm.  



Items for Emergency Kit Checklist

Emergency Kit Checklist

Use this printer-friendly Emergency Kit Checklist for a full list of hurricane supplies you should have before the next storm arrives. 



Folder with Policy Tab

Checklist of Important Documents to Print 

It's safe to assume that you'll lose electricity and have intermittent access to Internet during a hurricane. Make sure to print out, or make copies of, important documents in advance of a hurricane. To help you remember which documents you're likely to need, use this checklist. 



Family Medication Form

Family Medication Form

Having prescription medication close at hand at all times is extremely important. Use this form to help you keep track the medications your family needs in case of an emergency. 



Family Contact Information Planner

Family Contact Information

Don't lose touch with your family & friends during a hurricane - print out this form so you can have a hard-copy of your family's important information. 



Ride Out the Storm at Home Checklist

Ride Out the Storm at Home Checklist

Emergency management officials typically recommend that Florida residents who do not live in an evacuation zone stay home during most tropical storms and hurricanes. Follow these tips to stay safe.