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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

by PTI Marketing | Oct 29, 2014

daylight savings clockBetween slightly cooler temperatures and less afternoon rain, the start of fall is an ideal time to cross off large portions of your home maintenance to-do list.

Concerned that you forgot to add something important to your list? No worries, we’ve put together the following maintenance checklist to ensure your home stays in pristine shape all year long.

1. Check for leaks

Prevent warm air from escaping your home during the upcoming winter months by inspecting and sealing leaks. But where should you look first to identify a leak? Some of the top spots can be found around doors and windows, ducts or pipes that penetrate walls, behind electrical wall plugs and switches, or through cracked heating ducts.

2. Clean out your gutters

Clean out your gutters and clear them of any leaves and debris that piled up during the summer storm season. If you need some guidance on how to properly clean out your gutters, make sure to check out our step-by-step gutter maintenance guide.

3. Review your home insurance policy

Now is a great time to review your home insurance policy and update your home inventory. When reviewing your policy, check to see if your premium recently increased and if your current carrier provides concierge repair service.

If your premium is too high and your carrier doesn’t provide concierge repair services, then it may be time to explore other options. Remember that you can switch insurance carriers at any time throughout the year, so start shopping around today.

4. Inspect the roof

The roof is your home’s first level of defense against major weather threats, so keeping it in quality shape is very important. Inspect your roof for missing and loose shingles. If you discover any issues, make necessary repairs immediately to prevent additional damage.

5. Replace smoke detector batteries

Replace the batteries in all of your smoke detectors and then test each to make sure they are working properly. Remember that it’s not enough to merely press the “Test Button.” We recently debunked that popular smoke detector myth.

6. Check and replace filters

Keep your HVAC system running at a proper performance level by changing furnace and air conditioning filters. Frequently replacing these filters will also have a significant impact on your home’s air quality.

7. Check and clean the dryer vent

You probably clean out your lint trap after every dryer cycle, but did you know that lint could get stuck inside the dryer vent? Check your dryer vent and use a wet-dry vacuum hose to suck out any trapped lint.