Wind Mitigation Discounts

What Are Wind Mitigation Features?

Wind mitigation features are aspects of your home’s construction that reinforce it against high winds. In Florida, where hurricanes and other windstorms are relatively common, homeowners can receive substantial reductions to their insurance premiums for outfitting their homes with windstorm mitigation features, resulting in significant long-term savings. More importantly, adding wind mitigation features to your home can also protect your family in a major storm.

To qualify for wind mitigation discounts, you'll need to have a Wind Mitigation Inspection completed by a licensed Home Inspector who will check for features related to:

  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof-to-Wall Attachment
  • Roof Geometry
  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR)
  • Opening Protection

Once complete, the Wind Mitigation Inspection can be submitted for a potential reduction in premium. Keep in mind that the amount of the discount will vary based on the insurer and the types of wind mitigation features your home has. Some insurers may also require a new wind mitigation inspection every 5 years to maintain those discounts.

If you are in need of a licensed Home Inspector, PTI recommends Home Inspection Services as the trusted choice for your Wind Mitigation Inspection. To schedule an appointment with Home Inspection Services, call (800) 808-6550.