Financial Strength

People's Trust Building in Deerfield

People’s Trust Insurance has the financial strength to be there when our policyholders need us most.


We have a strong balance sheet and a solid reinsurance program with private-market reinsurance partners who are well capitalized and highly diversified..

This means that when you select People’s Trust Insurance as your Florida Home Insurance company, you can rest assured we have the financial strength, stability and partnerships to keep you protected when disaster strikes.


What is Reinsurance?

Reinsurance is insurance that an insurance company buys from a “reinsurer” to help manage their risk. Similar to how a homeowner purchases insurance, the insurance company purchases catastrophic insurance, to cover some of their potential losses.


So, in addition to the insurance company using their reserves to cover the cost of claims, they also may be reimbursed for some claims by a reinsurer.


Why is Reinsurance Important?

Reinsurance is vital to the strength and stability of any homeowner’s insurance company because in the event of a catastrophe, with multiple dwellings claiming simultaneous losses, the insurance company needs to have the ability to satisfy those claims and cover those losses.