People’s Trust Insurance Testimonials

Read the latest People’s Trust Insurance testimonials from our valued policyholders.

Roxanne M. | Policyholder, Ocala, FL

I am a policy holder with People’s Trust Insurance, and I filed my first ever claim recently, and I was somewhat nervous about the process. The assigned Adjuster, Mike Waters arrived today to process my claim. I wanted you to know that I was very impressed with Mike’s professionalism and his demeanor. He took the time to thoroughly explain the process and how he arrived at his findings. He very much calmed my nerves. In the end, I accepted the Claim Settlement and was very happy. I wanted to tell you that he is an exceptional Adjuster and a credit to your organization. Thank you- Roxanne M.

Victor M. | Policyholder, Bradenton, FL

Hi. My name is Victor. I’m sending you this email to commend your two employees, “Richard and R. Scott” for their great expertise in handling my home air conditioning claim. They were very knowledgeable in their field of work. They answer all of my questions concerning my air conditioning problem. They quickly diagnosed my problem with my AC. They left me satisfied with how quickly they discovered my problem. Most of all,  how courteous and polite they were in answering my concerned questions. Thank You.

Curt & Cheryl G. | Policyholder, Winter Haven, FL

My wife and I have been a little busy since your team was at my home last Wednesday, she is an RN and I manage 500 homes and a golf course. That being said, I want to thank your team of Cliff, Travis, and Kyle for not only an outstanding job but for being so positive and professional and bringing some levity to what, to us, seemed like a bad dream. They worked so well together I would hire them in a minute. Kudos to the insurance company (Peoples) for having a preferred contractor to respond in a time of need. Thank you again, and personally thank your team for a super job.
Have a Magical Day and a Disney Year. Hukana Matata!

Al & Janet P. | Policyholder, Pompano Beach, FL

Two men came to my house today to check for leaks. They were so nice and explained what they were doing with that really great high-tech tool that shows where there might be leaks. Their names are Hugo and Paul. It really helps when things go bad to have so many nice people do their best to help you. So I thank you all as does my husband. Thank you again for having these great men on your staff. It means so much for old fogies like us.

Martie and Don S. | Policyholder, Orlando, FL

What a gem you have in Robert! He has been simply wonderful in working with us! He is always here on time in spite of the long-distance he is traveling to get here, he completely explains what he needs to do (sometimes twice – once to my husband and once to me) and has been so polite the entire time. Such a fine, young man! This has been a difficult time for us and he certainly has eased the pain! I truly appreciate his help during this unhappy experience – he has made it at least tolerable! Please express our appreciation to Robert and thank you for having him come to our home!

Harry and Dawna C. | Policyholder, Jacksonville, FL

We would like the management team to know how satisfied we are with the work that Joe and Robert completed at our home on October 24, 2017.  Joe “dried” out our flooded bathroom, hall, and bedroom on September 2, 2017, and subsequently tied up all the loose ends for a finished product on October 24th.  Both Joe and Robert were exceptionally friendly and capable, doing a wonderful job for us.  They are to be commended for their professionalism.  

Lanny & Joyce W. | Policyholder, Tampa, FL

I recently filed a water damage claim with your company. I am very happy to say that it was handled extremely well! From the person I spoke to on the phone to report the claim, to Josh, who was my claims adjuster, to Dave and Fernando, who replaced and painted the drywall that was damaged, to John, the Project Supervisor, to Jeremy of Graywater Plumbing, who replaced the bad water valves and drain box, to Bob’s Carpet Mart, who replaced the damaged carpet and finally, to the claims processing lady in your office I commend them all for their outstanding service and timely handling of my claim. I could not have asked for any better responses to my claim. I especially appreciate getting everything handled timely, since I have family coming to stay with me, from out of town, for the Christmas holidays, as I was worried about not having the damaged bedroom available for them.

Thank you for the very professional service and Happy Holidays to you!

Nancy M. | Policyholder, Miami, FL

“I’d like to thank all of the emergency team managers, supervisors and team members, specifically those that I worked with directly; Ricardo A., Julian S., and Osmel O. Many of the tenants conveyed gratitude for their degree of professionalism and kindness. Thank you again for your help!”.

Jared Z. | Policyholder, Boca Raton, FL

“The personnel who did the job were first rate. All, from the packers, furniture movers, ceiling repairers and painters were courteous, professional and trustworthy. We never felt uncomfortable leaving the house while they worked…”

Jeff B. | Policyholder, Brevard County, FL

“Great prices. Solid company. Good customer service too. Thanks for being there for us People’s Trust!”

Pam D. | Policyholder, Manatee County, FL

“Very happy with product and service from People’s Trust.” 

Dave G. | Policyholder, Hillsborough County, FL

“I switched to People’s Trust Insurance a couple of years ago, after doing some research and finding that their homeowners insurance quote was very competitive and would save me money.”


Katrina U. | Policyholder, Sarasota County, FL

“Not only were they the best price but their service is also the best!”



Leanne G | Policyholder, Ormond Beach, FL

“Once again I am totally astounded at the response from your emergency response people. If I hadn’t known it before, I surely know now that I picked the right insurance with People’s Trust. Such a great relief relief to know I’m being taken care of. Not having to deal with all the dishonest so-called contractors is the biggest relief anyone could ask for. Thanks for looking out for me.”

Alan S. | Policyholder, Miami, FL

“I just wanted to write you and let you know how happy we have been with the People’s Trust service and follow up, and the service from their preferred contractor team. We have recommended Peoples Trust to all our friends and neighbors who have asked. This was my first insurance claim of any kind in the 40 + years that I have been a homeowner, and within the parameters of the situation, it was a pleasant and seamless experience. Thanks again to you and your team for a job well done.”

Cliff P. | Policyholder, Fort Pierce, FL

“The workmanship and punctuality of the Rapid Response Team was a pleasant surprise. Through their efforts we were able to realize the trust and security that we received from your company.
We plan on highly recommending People’s Trust to all of our friends and family. Thank you for all your help.”.

Benjamin G. | Policyholder, Boca Raton, FL

“The speed, professionalism, knowledge and courtesy your team showed throughout the process is a testament to your leadership and company culture. From the initial take-off of the job through to the final paint touch ups, your team of professionals were absolute pleasures to work with. It is and will continue to be my pleasure to recommend People’s Trust to all of my clients and to anyone in the State of Florida requiring homeowners insurance. My sincerest thanks.”

Maurice M. | Policyholder, Wellington, FL

“I have been living part time in Florida for 16 years and have never had the kind of service my wife and I received on a consistent basis, from reliable, skilled and nice people. All trying very hard to please and leave us in a better position than before the incident. I expect to continue with People’s Trust for a long time.”

John K. | Policyholder, Okeechobee, FL

“I’ve worked in the insurance industry in the past and had several other claims myself. However, never have I encountered an individual that was so quick to respond and so good at identifying relevant issues critical to the success of the project. I truly appreciate your attention to detail and am grateful for your focus on customer satisfaction and service. My mother and I are extremely happy with the work that was done.”

Carol Y | Policyholder, Punta Gorda, FL

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful Rapid Response Team members who came to my rescue after a tornado damaged my home. They offered support and comfort at a most stressful time. They were very professional and supportive. Thank you so much. You guys are my heroes!”

Robert B. | Policyholder, Margate, FL

“Their due diligence, advanced planning, dedication to the work at hand and professional installation leaves us as satisfied clients and we would not hesitate to recommend your Insurance Services to anyone. Being retired, my wife and I have over the years been involved in several major renovations. This project and our satisfaction rates at the very top.”

Richard S. | Policyholder, Margate, FL

“It was a welcome surprise to have such prompt and excellent work done to our house. Peoples Trust and Rapid Response have some real professionals taking care of their customers.”

Melanie K. | Policyholder, Rockledge, FL

“I can’t say enough how pleased, thankful and grateful I am with everyone, with how my claim was handled and with the repair work that was done in my home. Every person that I came in contact with from the beginning were professional, caring and concerned with my situation. They worked extremely hard to see that the repairs were done as soon as they possibly could.”

Luanne P | Policyholder, Tampa, FL

“When I switched to People’s Trust I saved a considerable amount of money on the premiums for two houses. That alone had me recommending that friends and family get quotes from People’s Trust. Now in addition to saving me money on the premiums, I can say that I’ve had an amazingly positive experience with People’s Trust on a claim. I know it’s hard to believe that anyone can love an insurance company but I had the most incredibly positive experience with them on a claim that I was stunned by their excellent customer service!”

Genaro N. | Policyholder, Hialeah, FL

“They tackle every project with excellent workmanship. I would like to thank everyone that was involved in my claim for helping me every step of the way to resolve the issue to my satisfaction.”

Vicki H. | Policyholder, Cape Coral, FL

“Our property is always left clean & organized as much as possible. It has been a real comfort to me during this little crisis to have people I can depend on to do the right thing. It is important to me to know there are no shortcuts being taken. Please know how fortunate you are to have such wonderful employees! “

Denise R. | Policyholder, Cape Coral, FL

“They always made me feel as though they were handling our home with the same care and expertise as they would their own, including cleaning up daily work debris and keeping on schedule…something rarely, if ever, provided by other contracting companies.”

Doris S. | Policyholder, Deerfield Beach, FL

“They have gone out of their way to provide excellent service. It is a difficult experience for the homeowner yet they made the entire process easier and smoother for us.”

Katie M. | Policyholder, Boynton Beach, FL

“The professionalism and hard work they portrayed made me feel safe and comfortable the problem was under control. I really cannot say enough good things! These men were on top of their game!”

Mary S. | Policyholder, Delray Beach, FL

“People’s Trust have employed a superb group of people. Starting with the office staff to the contractors of Rapid Response down to the labors. They have displayed a level of professionalism and compassion that is lacking in many companies. Their service was superb. They removed all my worries and doubts regarding the repairs.”

Robert D. | Policyholder, Homosassa, FL

“Getting a new roof installed is never a very pleasurable experience. The professionalism and efficiency exhibited by Rapid Response made this particular installation pleasurable and as easy as possible.”

Paula R. | Policyholder, Boynton Beach, FL

“The work provided by Rapid Response was instrumental in getting the job done. Bradley and Don made sure our every need was met and our home was returned to normal. People’s Trust and Rapid Response worked as a cohesive, seamless team; proving evidence that your model of insurance claim processing is a model that works!Thank you for employing such professional dedicated folks to manage the process of our claim, thus leaving behind very happy customers.”


Brian S. | Policyholder, Boynton Beach, FL

“After having an AC leak and found mold breeding in our home Rapid Response was knocking on our door within an hour. Gary and his crew came in and did an awesome job containing the mold as well as getting rid of the mold. I’m very impressed how well they worked considering we had no running AC and our house was 100 degrees.”

Carolyn D. | Policyholder, Venice, FL

“You made this so easy for me and were available within minutes if I had any questions or issues. You’re very professional and hardworking and I just appreciated all you did to make this process run smoothly. The room looks great and I’m very happy.”


Chris J. | Policyholder, Tampa, FL

“Thank you for the awesome transformation in our home. The service and courtesy we received was top notch. We are extremely happy with how the work turned out and the whole team went beyond the normal scope to take care of a few extras for us too. Truly appreciated.”

Denise R. | Policyholder, Hollywood, FL

“I’m very grateful for your remarkably “rapid response” during Sunday’s pipe/water crisis. I’m grateful to the entire team, all of whom continue to contribute to my sense of safety & peace of mind! The response was truly rapid. The professionalism, kindness and patience provided an invaluable source of protection and reassurance “normality” will return soon! Your professionalism and kindness, individually and collectively, have given me great peace of mind during an especially chaotic and stressful time. Again, THANK YOU! The Rapid Response team couldn’t have a more appropriate name!”


Adam C. | Policyholder, Plantation, FL

“They are ultra professional, show up on time, super courteous, always are ready to work and have met every challenge that was presented to them. They didn’t cut any corners to try to make the job go faster, and they genuinely wanted to do it right the first time. They worked tirelessly to complete the work as fast, but as accurately as possible. Thanks for sending me what I will call the “Dream Team”.”

Gioconda R. | Policyholder, Miramar, FL

“My husband and I want to say thanks for a job “Well Done” by your entire crew. We really appreciate the professionalism demonstrated by all of your staff, from always being on the job when promised, to cleaning up at the end of every day. We want to specially say thank you to Andy for the great work he did with our shower. His attention to detail is exceptional and the final product is truly outstanding. I am now showing off my new shower to all my family and friends.”

Inga H. | Policyholder, Miami, FL

“We were all over the place, nervous and worried, and didn’t know what to do or how anything would turn out. You and your team were amazing with your quick response, helping us get through it, explain everything in detail, ease our minds, and always immediately available for any questions or follow-up.We greatly appreciate yours and your team’s assistance during that time, and we will always be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Mitchell M. | Policyholder, Port Saint Lucie, FL

“When dealing with a chaotic situation, such as a flood, it was nice having these professionals make my life so much easier. They were very punctual every day and courteous when working in my home, assisting to get my life and my home back to normal. I was ensured that the water damage in my home wouldn’t turn into a bigger problem, and they saved my home from further damage.If a disaster/accident occurs at my residence again in the future, I have peace of mind knowing that they will be there to assist making my home and life one step closer to normalcy”

Margaret M. | Policyholder, Pembroke Pines, FL

“This was my first experience with People’s Trust and the Rapid Response Team. They were so very professional every day they were at my home. They always arrived on time and cleaned up every day before they left. They prepared the walls and protected the floors. They packed for storage and always arrived with the tools and equipment needed. They were knowledgeable about their work which gave me confidence in them. Thanks to everyone at People’s Trust and RRT for getting my home back to its original condition.”


Maria S. | Policyholder, Hialeah Gardens, FL

“I am very much satisfied with the prompt response, the efficiency and the responsibility demonstrated by all involved in the process. I will recommend and use your company when the need arises. Please extend my gratitude and recognition to the Team”.

Virginia B. | Policyholder, Boca Raton, FL

“I just wanted to express my extreme pleasure with the work that has been done in my home. The work was of the highest quality. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with everything that has been done and with the work of the staff. Great guys, hard workers and a pleasure to deal with.”

John B. | Policyholder, Royal Palm Beach, FL

“I am pleased with how People’s Trust handles its claim process, less worry and headache for us. I would definitely recommend People’s Trust to anyone looking for homeowner’s insurance.”

Sheryl R. | Policyholder, Boynton Beach, FL

“I want to acknowledge all of the men who worked the job. Mostly, I want to say how well they all worked as a team and how comfortable I was having them in my home. I did always feel safe and secure in their presence. I love the finished product as does everyone who has seen it.”

Tony P. | Policyholder, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Having the Rapid Response Team feature in my policy was a definite asset to resolving the water damages. I’m glad I switched to People’s Trust for my homeowners policy. I have already recommended People’s Trust and its Rapid Response program to my business partner, and will continue to do so for anyone looking for an A1 Homeowners Insurance Company.”

Sam D. | Policyholder, Pinellas Park, FL

“The personnel who did the job were first rate. All, from the packers, furniture movers, ceiling repairers and painters were courteous, professional and trustworthy. We never felt uncomfortable leaving the house while they worked and the job was done exceptionally well. The ceiling looks better than ever. Thanks for a job well done.”

April A. | Policyholder, Jacksonville, FL

“I can’t say enough about the quality of the workmanship and the overall good experience this has been, in dealing with a very unpleasant situation. I personally thank you for your constant follow-up and drive to get the job completed in time for me to decorate my home for Christmas. I will happily recommend People’s Trust and the Rapid Response Team to my friends and family.”

Harrison A. | Policyholder, Boynton Beach, FL

“We were thoroughly pleased with your workmanship, expertise, attention to detail and the way you continually kept us “in the loop” as work progressed. Most of all, what was very important to us, was relying on a company that would diagnose the overall situation and provide us with a clear, concise estimate of the work involved. This started out as one of the biggest nightmares of our life, and your team rectified every single issue. We have and will continue to recommend People’s Trust Insurance just so they can have the protection and peace of mind knowing if there’s a problem Rapid Response will be on the job! “

Margaret F. | Policyholder, Deerfield Beach, FL

“Many thanks to your team for the excellent service I received on my recent claim. I could not have asked for better. I will definitely recommend People’s Trust and Rapid Response with my friends and family.”

James F. | Policyholder, Titusville, FL

“My house was recently repaired by Rapid Response Team. There was water damage in the laundry room and extending into the garage. I want to thank everyone involved for the excellent job. From start to finish, the people were highly professional and good at all their tasks. We are happy with the result and thankful for the Rapid Response Team personnel to take such good care of us.”

Ryan S. | Policyholder, Davie, FL

“I wanted to commend People’s Trust for such an incredible experience from start to finish. My wife and I are very happy with the professionalism and attention to detail regarding the overall work performed in our home. Although this was a very difficult time for our family, Rapid Response made all the difference just in time for the Holidays, so we sincerely thank you once again”

Patricia M. | Policyholder, Plantation, FL

“As an insurance agent for 27 years I was far more impressed with People’s Trust handling of my claim. I like not having to find a contractor on my own. Thanks for all your people’s assistance.”

Martina C. | Policyholder, Pembroke Pines, FL

“You made an extremely stressful situation easy for us to live through. You helped us fall in love with our home again. Thank you for giving that back to us with the least amount of stress possible.”

Carol B. | Policyholder, St. Cloud, FL

“All the repair guys that came to our home had such special personalities and did such a professional job. We came out with a fantastic upgrade because of their unique work and professionalism. Thank you for all you did.”

Jan B. | Policyholder, South Daytona, FL

“I just want to express how very pleased my wife and I have been with your company and how you have related and dealt with our claim. I honestly believe it couldn’t have been better. From the moment of our first filing till the completion of the project, everything has gone very well.”

Susan H. | Policyholder, Parkland, FL

“My first impression was that the workers were extraordinarily professional in uniforms and in their manners. They were eager to please us and made sure we were satisfied with the results. The level of customer service was incredible. As the process unfolded, we saw the quality in the RRT work and each worker seemed like a master in their field. They didn’t just do the job, they did the job right the first time. We don’t know where to begin in thanking you for your diligence and your kindness. In a time when we needed a gentle hand and a little guidance, People’s Trust was there.”

John C. | Policyholder, Coral Springs, FL

“When issues surfaced that seemed unsolvable, People’s Trust had the answers. As a homeowner, I hope I never have to experience an insured loss again, however if I do, I want to be insured through People’s Trust and have the Rapid Response team to rely on.”

Jason W. | Policyholder, Pembroke Pines, FL

“On the evening of June 10th, my Town home was flooded after a pipe burst in my upstairs guest bathroom. The water gushed throughout the floor into the hallways, bedrooms, down the walls and stairwell. My fiancé and I had not even been in our home for three months and could not believe that something like this happened. That evening we called your after-hours Emergency Response Team. About two and a half months later, Kathy and I could not be more thankful to the people within your organization and the work performed at my house. I have been part of multiple construction projects in South Florida and I have never seen the professionalism, dedication and pride that the men at Rapid Response have shown me over the past month and a half.”

Rich H. | Policyholder, Sunrise, FL

“We were impressed with the professionalism, extreme care while working in our home, and outstanding workmanship. The job was done efficiently and with excellence, which we appreciated greatly.Thank you for exemplifying what it is to have wonderful customer service and quality work when it is such a rare thing in South Florida.”

Sean D. | Policyholder, Coral Springs, FL

“Your employees were courteous and efficient and their manner reflected superbly upon your company. Thanks for everything. My wife and I are very pleased and shall be glad to recommend People’s Trust to others.”





Dennis R. | Policyholder, Stuart, FL

“Your team did an exceptional job on all the repairs that were done. I am so impressed with their professionalism, politeness, manners and their meticulous work. I still cannot get over how beautiful all the repairs turned out.”

Ana B. | Policyholder, Miramar, FL

“In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from the industry, the work that all of you do should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate.”

Warren G. | Policyholder, Marion County, FL

“I’ve had a lot of insurance companies. This is the first time I feel like someone is looking out for me, and that’s People’s Trust.”