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The Passover Seder and Hiding the Afikomen
The Passover Seder

Keeping Children Entertained During the Seder Chag Sameach! We at People’s Trust wish a Happy Passover to all of you celebrating. One interesting part of the Seder is afikomen, which comes from the Greek word meaning “that which comes after” or …

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Florida Weather Predictions for 2016

What weather conditions can Floridians expect in 2016? We’ve rounded up several predictions from the experts to help give you an idea of what’s to come for the “Sunshine State.”

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9 Safety-Savvy Gifts for Your Florida Home

Our houses do so much for us – from providing a roof over our head to giving us a place we can call “home.” This year, give your home a gift that shows how much you care.

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Protect Your Florida Home from These 10 Modern Plagues_Thumbnail
Protect Your Florida Home from These 10 Modern Plagues

Locusts, blood, darkness … While Floridians don’t exactly have to deal with the same plagues faced by the Ancient Egyptians, Florida’s unique environment presents homeowners with their own set of challenges. What modern day plagues do Florida homeowners face and what can we do to protect our homes and families against them?

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