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7 Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do at Home for Labor Day Weekend

You don’t need to plan an extravagant trip or host an expensive party to mark the Labor Day holiday. Kick back, relax and soak up the last bit of summer this Labor Day weekend with these fun and budget-friendly activities.

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Important 2015 Recalls Every Homeowner Should Know About_Thumbnail
Important 2015 Recalls Every Homeowner Should Know About

The start of 2015 is an opportune time to check up on the latest recalls to ensure the products your family is using are safe. Keep your home safe in 2015 by reviewing the following recent product recalls that could impact you and your family.

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The Passover Seder and Hiding the Afikomen
The Passover Seder

Keeping Children Entertained During the Seder Chag Sameach! We at People’s Trust wish a Happy Passover to all of you celebrating. One interesting part of the Seder is afikomen, which comes from the Greek word meaning “that which comes after” or …

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Florida Weather Predictions for 2016

What weather conditions can Floridians expect in 2016? We’ve rounded up several predictions from the experts to help give you an idea of what’s to come for the “Sunshine State.”

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