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Two toddlers using an upside down table as a raft in a flooded home
Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Does your homeowners insurance cover water damage to your home and its contents? We look at five common water perils covered by home insurance policies.

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space view of hurricane over seas
Notable Hurricanes That Hit Florida in the 2000s

Did you know Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the nation? Here are some of the top hurricanes to hit the Sunshine State in the 2000s.

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A tree topples on to a house and destroys part of the roof and structure.
Hazard vs. Homeowners Insurance: What's the Difference?

Hazard insurance is a type of coverage that is typically included in a homeowners' insurance policy. Lenders often require hazard insurance to approve a mortgage, so you will want to make sure that your homeowners' insurance covers damage specific to the dwelling.

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Florida Home Repair Insurance Fraud_Thumbnail
Florida Home Repair Insurance Fraud – How People’s Trust Solved a Widespread Problem

In January, the Tampa Tribune reported on the ever-increasing problem of Florida home repair insurance fraud. According to the article, Florida homeowners are paying higher insurance rates because of exaggerated claims. People’s Trust Insurance attempts to curb this growing issue of fraud with its better way of delivering home insurance protection to Floridians. Here’s how…

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