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Football field at night.
Top 10 Super Bowl Games Played in Florida

As we gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, we’re counting down the greatest Super Bowl games played in Florida.

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A wooden sign in a California desert reads San Andreas Fault
Top Locations Overdue for Natural Disaster - A Survival Guide

When areas are prone to natural disasters but haven’t experienced them in some time, scientists may label them as “overdue” for these events. An earthquake in Oregon and a hurricane in Sarasota, Fl are at the top of the list.

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Person planting yellow flowers in a window planter box
5 Easiest DIY Home Improvements to Add Value to a Home

By investing some time and effort, you can complete inexpensive DIY projects that could increase the value of your home. Consider painting your walls, improving your landscaping, or deep cleaning your home to make it more attractive.

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Woman sitting on her laundry room floor and making a phone call while looking up at the ceiling
Don't Ignore These 7 Noises on Your Property

If you hear unfamiliar sounds like hissing, clanking, or scratches in the walls, it could be signs you need to make unscheduled repairs to your home.

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