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  • SabraRecall_Thumbnail

    Sabra Issues Nationwide Voluntary Recall of Select SKUs of its Classic Hummus

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Apr 08, 2015
    Today Sabra Dipping Co., LLC announced that it is voluntarily recalling approximately 30,000 cases of its Classic Hummus due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. This measure is limited to five SKUs of Classic Hummus sold nationwide. To date, no other Sabra product is affected by this recall.

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  • 5 Clever Places To Hide The Matzo_Thumbnail

    5 Clever Places To Hide The Matzo

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 31, 2015
    Does your family hide the Afikoman for Passover? According to Passover tradition, the head of household hides half of a piece of matzo during the Seder and children later scramble to find it, the winner usually receiving a reward (e.g., candy, money). To help keep the fun going this year, we’ve rounded up five clever places to hide the Afikoman.

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  • Protect Your Florida Home from These 10 Modern Plagues_Thumbnail

    Protect Your Florida Home from These 10 Modern Plagues

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 31, 2015
    Locusts, blood, darkness … While Floridians don’t exactly have to deal with the same plagues faced by the Ancient Egyptians, Florida’s unique environment presents homeowners with their own set of challenges. What modern day plagues do Florida homeowners face and what can we do to protect our homes and families against them?

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  • Easter Egg Painting Preparation & Safety Tips_Thumbnail

    Easter Egg Painting Preparation & Safety Tips

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 31, 2015
    While decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy, it is also a very messy activity. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that preparing for Peter Cottontail won’t wreak havoc on your home.

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  • 7 Projects to Improve Home Value with Your Tax Refund_Thumbnail

    7 Projects to Improve Home Value with Your Tax Refund

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 26, 2015
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas… tax refund season! Who doesn’t love receiving some extra spending money to kick off the New Year? One of the best ways to take advantage of your tax refund is to put it toward your home.

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  • Beware of April Fools Pranks

    Beware the Cost of April Fools: Pranks Gone Wrong

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 26, 2015
    We all know that friend or family member who tries to play an epic April Fools joke each year to claim the title of "Best Prankster.” Unfortunately, what may seem like an innocent joke at first may result in serious damage to one’s home, not mention the safety of those involved.

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  • EasterDIYDecorations_Thumbnail

    7 DIY Easter Decoration Ideas for Your Florida Home

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 24, 2015
    Easter decorations are a wonderful way to bring fresh, springtime cheer to a home. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on festive trinkets when you can easily make them yourself. Turn it into a family affair – Making Easter decorations is also a great activity for spending quality time with family.

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  • March Recalls_Thumbnail

    Florida Homeowners: Are You Impacted By These Recent Recalls?

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 20, 2015
    In addition to cleaning out closets and organizing your home, spring is a fitting time to check up on the latest product recalls and alerts. Keep your home safe this spring by reviewing the following recent product recalls that could impact you and your family.

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  • People’s Trust Knows What Protections Florida Homeowners Need

    We Understand Florida’s Risks

    by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 18, 2015
    We Understand Florida’s Risks and Can Best Protect Your Home People’s Trust Insurance Company is a Florida homeowner’s insurance company founded in 2008 with the objective of providing affordable insurance with top-notch service just for the Florida …

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