We Count on Home Inspection Services Professionals to Help Better Serve Our Policyholders!

Home Inspections Services is the preferred provider of home inspections for People’s Trust Insurance.

Home Inspection Services is one of the largest, most dedicated providers of residential insurance inspections throughout Florida.  With over 10 years of experience and more than 250,000 inspections completed, you can count on Home Inspection Services, LLC to be your trusted choice for Wind-Mitigation and 4-point home inspections.

People’s Trust counts on Home Inspection Services and their dedicated team of experienced professionals to provide first-class customer service in the field and over the phone.

People’s Trust will advise you on what type of home inspection is required.

Inspection Services Offered:

Man performing home inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection: $109.95

    A wind mitigation inspection is used to determine how your home will hold up in the event of high winds such as during a hurricane. Wind mitigation inspections look for construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes such as your roof type, construction type, and any opening protection features you may have.

    Our wind mitigation inspection could result in a significant decrease to your Homeowners Insurance Premium.

  • 4-Point Inspection: $109.95

    This type of inspection provides the condition and age of the following: systems in your home:

    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    • Electrical wiring and panels
    • Plumbing connections and fixtures
    • Roof

If both inspections are completed by Home Inspection Services at the same time, a discount is applied. A 4-point & Wind Mitigation Inspection is only $169.95.

PLUS, if you become a People’s Trust policyholder, you will receive a refund for the entire amount of your inspection after 90 days from the date the payment was processed.

To learn more about Home Inspection Services visit HISFL.com


Disclaimer: Home Inspection Services, LLC is an entity affiliated with People’s Trust Insurance Company. Offers, terms, conditions and services are subject to change without notice and per any and all product terms, exclusions, and conditions.