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Tips to Lower Holiday Electrical Bills

by Chantel Robillard | Oct 28, 2020

Tips to Lower High Holiday Electrical Bills

The holiday season fills the air with joy, merriness—and stress, mostly because of the extra money spent on travel, parties, gifts, and decorations. And with the holiday season kicking off earlier and earlier each year, so do higher electrical bills, which can skyrocket because of all the beautiful lights that adorn houses and trees during this time of year.

To help make your holiday season less taxing, we put together some tips on how to lower your holiday electrical bills.

Switch to LED Lights

Switching out your old traditional Christmas lights out with newer LED lights can save you a surprising amount of money. LEDs consume 75 percent less power and last 25 times longer than incandescent lights. And LED lights have benefits beyond cost-efficiency. They are:

  • Safer - they are less likely to start a Christmas tree fire since they don’t have filaments that can heat up and burn out
  • Eco-friendly - they use little power
  • Durable - they are not made of glass and are less likely to shatter
  • Long-lasting - they last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights
  • Versatile – they come in many different sizes and styles so you can make your holiday display uniquely festive

A shift to LED lights can save you money—and much more.

Set Timers

With all the work you put into installing your holiday lights, it may be tempting to leave them on all the time. But that can raise your bill by an outrageous amount.

Leaving your tree lit throughout the night can add an additional $14 to your electrical bill. Ten strands of incandescent bulbs could increase your electrical bill by as much as $19. However, while 10 strands of LED lights would add about $2 to your bill, according to Romper.

You can also save money by limiting your display to a few hours each evening. Set a timer up for every string of lights, and set them to turn off at a dedicated time instead of leaving them on all night.

Say No to Inflatables

Inflatable, air-blown, or injection-molded plastic decorations are everywhere during the holidays. But if you are thinking about purchasing inflatables, don’t. They are constantly using an unnecessary amount of electricity and costing you loads of money. Yes, they are fun, but is it worth the sky-high electricity bill?

Here are the average costs per season per inflatable, according to Florida Power & Light.


Average costs per season per inflatable ~ Florida Light & Power
Hours Per DayWatts4.581224
Inflatable globe200$2.70$4.80$7.20$14.40
4’ Inflatable52$0.70$1.25$1.87$3.75
6’ Inflatable60$0.81$1.44$2.16$4.32
8’ Inflatable76$1.03$1.82$2.74$5.48
12’ Inflatable85$1.15$2.04$3.06$6.38

Have a Holiday Bake Day

Designating one day to bake all your cookies, cakes, pies and other yummy treats can help you save time and money. You will limit your power usage for refrigerators, mixers, and ovens on one day instead of throughout the whole month. There are other ways you can cut energy when holiday baking, such as:

  • Cooking multiple batches at a time. (It takes the same amount of energy to heat a full oven as it does a nearly-empty one. Plus, opening the oven door wastes energy and lowers the temperature as much as 25°F.)
  • Using the right-sized pot on stove burners. (A 6" pot on an 8" burner wastes over 40 percent of the burner's heat.)
  • Choosing the right appliance to use. Smaller appliances are the best choice when choosing between an oven, toaster oven, and a microwave because it will use less energy.
  • Cleaning your stovetop often. Keep your stovetop clean to ensure you do not waste any energy.
  • This could become a new holiday tradition. Invite family, friends, or neighbors and make a fun event out of it.

Bring out Those Countertop Appliances

Not all of your holiday dishes have to be cooked in the oven for hours. Did you know microwaving smaller servings uses up to 80 percent less energy? Plus, some of the most energy-efficient cooking methods are the easiest. A pressure cooker or slow cooker can save a ton of energy. Rice and pressure cookers are energy-efficient alternatives to large energy-sucking appliances.

Countertop appliances use far less energy than your oven. Now is the perfect time to dig out that slow cooker, toaster oven, little griller, or that air fryer you haven’t used in months.

It’s so easy to spend a lot more money than intended around the holidays. Give yourself a bit of a break with these tips to help lower your electrical bill.

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