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5 Best Places to Visit in Florida During Summer Vacation

by Brooke Gold Hasson | Jul 02, 2019

As Florida homeowners, we all know the lure of Florida during the winter: mild weather, cool ocean breezes and a getaway spot from the snow. But for us, we’re here year-round and we know that summer can be just as great! It may be hot but we can’t let that stop us from exploring and enjoying the great outdoors! Keeping your home in good condition can get exhausting at times with all the home maintenance and cleaning, this calls for a week or a weekend getaway every once in a while. Living in Florida provides us with so many different fun and exciting destinations but how do you know which places are the best? To help you decide where to head off to this summer we’ve collected some of the best spots to visit in Florida. From beaches to nightlife to museums, which location or locations will you find yourself traveling to?

1. Key West, FL

Key West is a popular destination during the summer because it hosts the Hemingway Days Festival each July. This year the festival will be held on July 16th through the 21st. Go check out this huge festival that honors the legacy of the American literary giant who once lived in the keys. Or go snorkel the beautiful waters, visit the most southern point of Florida, take a stroll through Duval Street and end the day at Mallory Square to watch the gorgeous view of the sunset.

Hemingway Days Festival

Best things to do in Key West

Southernmost point mile marker - Key West

[Image via Live Beaches]

2. St. Augustine, FL

Indulge yourself into some history by going to not only Florida’s oldest city but also the oldest city within the United States. St. Augustine offers beautiful historic sites, an iconic lighthouse, museums, nation’s oldest masonry fort, shopping, and even a great beach. You won’t regret visiting this town!

Go to the Visit St Augustine website to find the best places to visit

Historic monument in St. Augustine

[Image via Florida’s Historic Coast]

3. Ginnie Springs, High Springs, FL

As the temperatures continue to increase you need to find a way to cool off, the best way to do so is by visiting one of Florida’s freshwater springs. There are plenty to choose from! The refreshing cool spring water will help you cool right off. Ginnie Springs is one of the most visited and gorgeous springs in Florida. What makes it so unique is that Ginnie Springs actually interconnects with 4 other springs. It creates the perfect lazy river, camping spot, kayak rides, and much more.

Check out Ginnie Springs

Find a major spring near you

People in Ginnie Springs on floaties

[Image via Ginnie Springs]


4. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is an island full of untouched, natural beauty with lovely sandy beaches. One of the most unique barrier islands of the world, having an east-west orientation, while most islands are north-south. Sanibel is well known for having beautiful shells. Time to get away and go shelling for the weekend!

Best things to do on the island

sandy beach in Sanibel Island

[Image via travel + leisure]


5. Miami, FL

Miami offers amazing beaches and even better nightlife. The nightlife has great city vibes with top-notch restaurants and clubs. Miami also has good shops, beautiful national parks, and museums. The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a must see!

Best things to do in Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Garden

Aerial shot of Miami skyline

[Image via 100 Babson Centennial]

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