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Tips for a Safe and Fun July 4th Holiday

by Brooke Gold Hasson | May 29, 2019

fireworksLighting fireworks is a cherished Independence Day tradition that families all across Florida look forward to watching each year. Although the illuminated sky brings such joy to both children and adults, fireworks can be quite dangerous. You must handle fireworks with care to ensure everyone’s safety.

Fireworks accidents result in thousands of injuries each year. In 2017, there was a total of 8 deaths and 13,000 injuries due to fireworks. Two-thirds of those injuries occur around the July Fourth holiday. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that during the month surrounding 4th of July, about 240 people are sent to the ER every day with fireworks-related injuries.

Leave the Fireworks Extravaganza to the Pros

The safest way to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks is to attend a public show conducted by seasoned professionals. But don’t get too close, the Red Cross recommends that spectators stay at least 500 feet away from the show. 

Family Safety at Fireworks Shows

  • Wear unique, bright and identifiable colors.
  • Hold hands with young children at all times and follow the buddy system.
  • Designate a meeting place and time after the show in the event that a family member gets separated.
  • Instruct children to find a police officer if they get lost.

Driving To and From Fireworks Shows

  • Buckle up, follow the speed limit and do not drink and drive.
  • Get some sleep the night before… You want to be well-rested and alert while driving.
  • Never use your cell phone while driving.
  • Be respectful of other drivers and abide by the rules of the road.
  • Clean your car lights and windows to improve visibility on the road coming home from the show.

Decided to set them off at your home?

If you decided to set off fireworks in the comfort of your own home, you have to be extremely cautious. We get it, you want to throw the best party on the block, but you should also want to throw the safest one possible. Follow these tips to keep your family, friends and your home safe.

  • Never give fireworks to small children and watch them closely to make sure they are not playing with the flammable objects.
  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging, word for word.
  • Keep a water supply close by.
  • Make sure whoever is in charge of the fireworks wears eye protection at all times.
  •  Light one fireworks at a time, never attempt a dud, no matter how cool you want your firework show to be, it is too unsafe.
  • Never throw or point a firework at anything but the sky.
  • Make sure everyone is well back from the display.
  • Ensure that the designated person lighting off the fireworks is not drinking.
People’s Trust Insurance wishes everyone a fun and safe July 4th holiday!

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