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10 Easter Sunday Party Ideas for Your Florida Home

by PTI Marketing | Apr 15, 2019

Easter is just around the corner! This holiday may bring family and friends together for celebration, but no one wants to go to a lame party. So making sure you have enough food and entertainment is key. Being a Florida homeowner, it’s hard to rely on the weather so being fully prepared for any condition is important to having a successful party. The best way to fill your home with holiday cheer is to set up some decorations and provide entertainment, you may not even know where to begin, so we put together a bunch of ideas for you to impress those guests for both inside and outside parties. Which party idea will you try to give your Florida home the ultimate Easter ambiance?

1. Mini Basket Place Settings

Mini Easter Basket Place Settings

[Image via The House That Lars Built]

Make basket name tags and use them as plate settings. These cute baskets can bring so much holiday cheer to your dinner table. If you have a large amount of attendees, it can help organize things by giving everyone a specific seat.

Get the tutorial here!

2. Fold Your Napkin Into a Bunny
Napkins folded into Bunnies

[Image via chinet]

Turn your standard white lines into a bunny! No one is going to want to use their napkin because the bunny shape is just too cute.

Learn how to here

3. Sweet n’ Salty Treat
Popcorn and Candy Mix

[Image via A Joyful Riot]                       

Serving snacks is going to be a big part of hosting your party. This popcorn and candy treat is not only extremely tasty, but also gives off a great Easter look.

Click here for the recipe

4. Party Favors
 Easter bunny mason jars filled with candy

[Image via Happiness is Homemade]

Everyone loves party favors, the little ones will be thrilled with these cute Easter bunny mason jars filled with candy. Easy to make too!

Tutorial here, or come up with your own party favors

5. Bunny Hats
DIY bunny party hats

[Image via The House That Lars Built]

These DIY bunny party hats are perfect for kids to wear during an Easter egg hunt or even just during dinner. Kids will fall in love with these adorable hats and it will create great Easter pictures!

Do It Yourself Here

6. Potato Stamping
Easter egg potato paint stamps

[Image via Sassydealz]

Give the parents a break for a little and give the kids a fun exciting Easter related activity. If you have any potatoes going bad, turns out they work as great Easter egg potato stamps. Better if done outside so paint doesn’t wind up on the rug or elsewhere.

Click here to set up this neat craft

7. Plastic Egg Racer
Downhill egg racers

[Image via Little Bins for Little Hands]

Competitive family? Well this a perfect activity to bring a little competition to the party. Have some fun with it! Give out prizes if you want to make it a little more exciting.

Create the set up here

8. Easter-colored Deviled Eggs
Easter-colored deviled eggs

[Image via Food jimoto]

People typically just color the shell of a hard-boiled egg, but this snack idea is a little different. This snack lets you color them and eat them, and they’re delicious.

Try out the recipe now

9. Poke-A-Bunny/Egg
Poke-a-Bunny game

[Image via fun 365]

Since we live in Florida, the weather is not exactly promising. Just in case your annual outdoor Easter egg hunt is in jeopardy, have a backup game to play. This Poke-a-Bunny game is a perfect substitute for the egg hunt.

Click here to make this game

10. Bunny Bait
Easter bunny bait treats

[Picture via Etsy]

Make some magic Easter bunny bait for the kids. Cute way to entertain them. Just get a plastic bag and fill it with your own special mix and write “Bunny Bait” on it.

People’s Trust Insurance wishes every-bunny a happy Easter!

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