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People's Trust Insurance Responds to Hurricane Irma

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Sep 13, 2017

Hurricane Irma has had devastating impacts on Florida. Our thoughts are with everyone whose lives have been disrupted by rain, wind, and floods.

If you are a People’s Trust policyholder, call our claims hotline at 877-333-1230 as soon as you become aware of any damage from Hurricane Irma. We are available 24/7 to take your claim information and start you on the road to recovery.

Beware of Post-Storm Assignment of Benefits

If you experienced damage to your home as a result of Hurricane Irma you may be contacted by a contractor to offer assistance. DO NOT SIGN YOUR RIGHTS AWAY.


An "Assignment of Benefits" Agreement (AOB) is sometimes provided by contractors, roofers, and plumbers to our policyholders before starting emergency repairs. Please do not sign any document with any vendor except a vendor approved or assigned by your insurance carrier. Non-approved contractors may ask you to sign a form titled "Assignment of Benefits" - please do not sign this document! 

Again, an AOB authorizes the contractor to act on your behalf and allows the contractor to receive funds directly from your insurance company. By signing an AOB you may not have the right to receive any insurance payments, and such payments will belong to the contractor. This may result in repairs not being made to your home, theft of your insurance payouts, unlivable conditions in your home, and it will complicate, delay, reduce, and possibly result in the denial of a claim settlement. Policyholders should not sign any documents without obtaining permission from your insurance provider. Please remember your homeowners insurance policy contract may include a Preferred Contractor Endorsement which provides your insurance provider with the right to repair, and signing any other contractual agreement may jeopardize your coverage.

Together, we will recover from Hurricane Irma.

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