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7 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Apr 03, 2017

Easter Egg HuntNothing says Easter like an egg-citing Easter egg hunt! This beloved activity is an egg-cellent way to have fun with family and friends while enjoying Florida’s fresh air and spring sunshine.

To celebrate the Easter Bunny’s arrival, we’re sharing seven creative Easter egg hunt ideas that the whole family will enjoy. Now let’s get crackin’!

Easter Bunny Tracks

Get young children in the spirit by making it look like Peter Cottontail stopped by and hid the Easter eggs himself. Using flour and a footprint-shaped stencil, set Easter Bunny tracks around your yard that lead to the hidden eggs.

Find the Golden Easter Egg

Hide a gold plastic egg that holds an egg-stra special treasure. To find the golden egg, Easter egg hunt participants must use the clues hidden inside other colorful plastic eggs, which will eventually lead them to the ultimate prize.

Secret Message Easter Egg Hunt

Paint or draw a letter on each Easter egg and have participants work together to find the eggs and crack the code to decipher a secret message revealing the secret location of an egg-stravagant prize.

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

For older kids and teens who may feel too cool for the traditional Easter egg hunt, make it an evening event. Paint Easter eggs with glow-in-the-dark paint and hide them around your yard or inside your home (with the lights turned off) to add some mystery to a timeless classic. Equip participants with flashlights so they can see where they’re going.

Easter Egg Treasure Map Hunt

Hide an egg for each participant somewhere fairly easy to find. Leave a map inside each egg that will lead the Easter egg hunters to a basket filled with special goodies and tasty treats.

Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Include a piece of paper with a fun challenge inside each egg. Each Easter egg hunt participant has to complete his or her challenge before moving on to the next egg. The participant who completes the most challenges once all the eggs are found is the winner.

'Dress Up in Your Easter Sunday Best' Hunt

In place of eggs, hide fun costume jewelry, masks, and other Easter-themed accessories around your yard or house. The goal is to create the funniest outfit out of the items you find. At the end of the hunt, take a group photo of everyone wearing their fun Easter Sunday best so the memories will last forever.

Don’t Let Rotten Eggs Spoil Your Easter Fun

Check out these Easter egg preparation and painting safety tips to ensure that your holiday egg-stravaganza goes smoothly.


Wishing your family a Happy Easter! Which Easter egg hunt idea will you try this year?



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