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Top 10 Super Bowl Games Played in Florida

by Brooke Gold Hasson | Feb 02, 2017

Football field at night.

From the intense on-field action to the exciting halftime performance to the edgy commercials, the Super Bowl has grown to become one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. As we gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, we’re counting down the greatest Super Bowl games played in Florida. What’s your favorite Florida Super Bowl game of all time?


#10: Super Bowl V

Baltimore Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys, Miami, 1971

Held at the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 17, 1971, Super Bowl V was the first game played after the merge of the AFL and the NFL. Super Bowl V is often referred to as the “Blunder Bowl” because it was a sloppy game full of penalties, turnovers and downright bad plays in the Colts’ 16-13 victory.


#9: Super Bowl XXIII

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Miami, 1989

Held at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami on January 22, 1989, Super Bowl XXIII was the second Super Bowl game played between the 49ers and the Bengals. This game is remembered for Joe Montana’s late-game drive, one of the greatest in Super Bowl history. With only 34 seconds left, Joe Montana hit John Taylor with the game-winning touchdown pass to seal a 20-16 victory.


#8: Super Bowl XLI

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears, Miami Gardens, 2007

Held at Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens on February 4, 2007, Super Bowl XLI featured two teams ending long Super Bowl appearance droughts. Pretty ironic, considering this was the first Super Bowl played in rainy conditions. Despite giving up a touchdown on the opening kickoff return, the Colts and quarterback Peyton Manning – the game's MVP – hosted the Lombardi Trophy at the end of their 29-17 victory.


#7: Super Bowl XXV

New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills, Tampa, 1991

Held at Tampa Stadium on January 27, 1991, Super Bowl XXV was the first championship game to feature two teams representing the same state. It was also the first Super Bowl in which neither team committed a turnover. Super Bowl XXV is best remembered for the Buffalo Bills’ failed last-second field goal attempt to win the game, giving the Giants a razor-thin 20-19 victory and starting the Bills’ four-year losing streak in Super Bowl games.


#6: Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts, Miami Gardens, 2010

Held at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens on February 7, 2010, Super Bowl XLIV was the first Super Bowl for the News Orleans Saints. The Saints surprised the Colts with an onside kick to open the second half and then dominated the final two quarters, fueled by Tracy Porter’s 74-yard interception return for a touchdown, to claim the championship 31-17.


#5: Super Bowl XXXIX

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville, 2005

Held at Alltel Stadium (now EverBank Field) in Jacksonville on February 6, 2005, Super Bowl XXXIX was a close game throughout, with New England pulling out a narrow 24-21 victory. Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch was named Super Bowl MVP and set a record for most combined receptions in two consecutive Super Bowl games.


#4: Super Bowl X

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys, Miami, 1976

Held at the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 18, 1976, Super Bowl X was the first game in which both teams won previous Super Bowl games. The Steelers, known for their “Steel Curtain” defense and impressive running game, took home the trophy with a 21-17 win, thanks to the play of Lynn Swann, the first wide receiver to be named a Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player.


#3: Super Bowl XLIII

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals, Tampa, 2009

Held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on February 1, 2009, Super Bowl XLIII was won 27-23 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, making them the first team to win six Super Bowl games. It was also the team’s second Super Bowl victory in four years. After Arizona staged a furious comeback to take a late lead, Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes made an incredible game-winning touchdown catch with 35 seconds left, winning MVP honors for himself and another championship for his team.


#2: Super Bowl III

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts, Miami, 1969

Held at the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 12, 1969, Super Bowl III was the third AFL–NFL Championship Game and the first to officially be called the "Super Bowl." In one of the greatest upsets in American sports history, the New York Jets unexpectedly defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7, despite scoring only one touchdown. The Jets’ victory showed that the American Football League was no longer a “minor league,” leading directly to a merger into the unified National Football League we know today.


#1: Super Bowl XIII

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys, Miami, 1979

Held at the Orange Bowl in Miami on January 21, 1979, Super Bowl XIII is known as one of the best Super Bowl games in football history. The Steelers had already beaten the Cowboys in Super Bowl X, making this the first rematch game. On top of that, both teams were trying to win a third Super Bowl. With a few new starters, the Steelers focused on offense and took home the trophy, 35-31.

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