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8 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with House Guests

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Nov 07, 2016

Surviving The Holidays With House GuestsIf you’re hosting the holidays at your home this year, you may also be accommodating overnight house guests. Here are eight tips to help make your house guests feel welcome, while maintaining your sanity and surviving the holidays:

1. Deck the Halls… DIY Style

Get your home in the holiday spirit before guests arrive by adding seasonal indoor decorations. You don’t need to overspend on decorations – a little creativity goes a long way. To help out, we’ve rounded up 15 easy DIY holiday decorations for under $15.

2. Tidy Up the Entryway

To make a welcoming first impression, de-clutter the entryway of your home. Find a temporary spot for those shoes that usually sit by the door. Consider adding a festive welcome mat and designate a place for guests to hang their jackets. 

3. Prepare the Guest Bedroom

Help your guests feel at home by preparing the guest bedroom before they arrive. Make the bed with a fresh, clean set of sheets, a couple of extra pillows, and a cozy throw. Clean up the bedroom, make sure the dresser has room to store a guest’s clothes, and leave a set of empty hangers in the closet. Leave out a few magazines or books for a relaxed morning or evening read. These little touches will help accomplish your goal of surviving the holidays!

4. Spruce Up the Bathroom

To save your guests from that awkward scavenger hunt to find what they need, set out a stack of clean towels and washcloths, along with travel-sized toiletries on the bathroom counter. Install hooks or a towel rack for them to hang their wet towels after using, and stock the cabinet with easy-to-find toilet paper, air freshener, and extra toiletries.

5. Provide a Place to Unpack

Your guests will need a place to unpack their belongings after they arrive. Whether you provide a bench, small table, or portable luggage rack, your guests will appreciate having a flat surface for their suitcase as they get settled in. Not to mention, this keeps them from tossing the suitcase on the bedspread you just washed.

6. Organize the Kitchen

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the room with the most traffic during the holidays. To cut down on the commotion, keep your pantry and kitchen cupboards logically organized. Serving and eating utensils should be easily accessible. Stock the refrigerator with bottled water, juice, and creamer, and set up a coffee station next to the coffee maker, complete with mugs, sugar, ground coffee, and coffee filters.

7. Create a Kid-Friendly Space

If you’re hosting guests with younger children, prepare a designated space for them to play. This could be an entire room, a table, or even a drawer with toys and other activities for them. Consider setting out kid-friendly DVDs, fun games, and coloring books with crayons. Label cups with the kids’ names to cut down on confusion – and the spread of germs.

8. Make Sure You’re Covered for Guest-Related Incidents

Let’s face it, accidents happen – and a house full of guests may present some additional hazards you may not consider on a day-to-day basis. Be familiar with how visitors impact your insurance policy before they arrive, and take special precautions to protect your guests and personal valuables from the unexpected.


Lucky you! You now have some great tips to work with in surviving the holidays. Here’s wishing you and your holiday house guests a wonderful winter season!

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