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Florida Hurricane Season: Prepared for the Second Half?

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Sep 06, 2016

While the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, September is considered the most active month for hurricanes.

And the 2016 storm season has certainly picked up...

2016 Florida Hurricane Season (Updated Prediction)

NOAA’s updated 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook predicts a higher likelihood of a near-normal or above-normal season than was forecast in the initial outlook released in May.


Helpful Hurricane Preparation Resources

As we saw with Hurricane Hermine, early preparation is key. We’ve rounded up several helpful resources on how to prepare your family and home. Are you ready if disaster strikes?


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It’s Simply a Better Way to Get Ready in the Event of a Hurricane! 

Rapid Recovery After a Storm

Our claims department and our affiliate, Rapid Response Team, are available 24/7 to help you when it matters most. Our award-winning approach saves you the time and hassle of finding and managing contractors and subcontractors. We’ll coordinate the recovery process for you.

Policyholders: In the event of a loss, 

We can get you help IMMEDIATELY and mitigate further damage to your home. Don't delay! If you have storm damage, Call People's Trust First.

Rapid Response Team, which is the largest insurance restoration general contractor in Florida, has a fleet of more than 150 service trucks and vehicles. It also maintains 12 Response Centers around the state stockpiled with water mitigation equipment, tools, and other items necessary to repair your home in the event of a loss.

They also hold millions of dollars’ worth of emergency recovery supplies, such as tarps, plywood, generators, and roofing materials. Their full-time staff of more than 350 is ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Unlike other insurance companies, our comprehensive catastrophe plan and our upfront investment in recovery staff and supplies allow us to quickly mobilize resources to the point of impact after a storm, ensuring that our policyholders are first in line for emergency repairs to prevent further damage to their homes.

We will be there for you after the storm.

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