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Transform Your Florida Home into the Ultimate Staycation Resort

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Jul 06, 2016

StaycationBetween the planning, crowded airports, hefty hotel bills, and all those other travel expenses, summer vacation trips can quickly become costly and stressful. And isn’t the point of a vacation to relax?

Why not make the most of where you spend much of your time – your home? We’ve rounded up several easy (and affordable) ways to transform your Florida home into the ultimate staycation resort.

What does your dream staycation include?

Clean Ahead of Time

The last thing you should have to worry about during your staycation is cleaning the house. Tackle all of your housework chores before the weekend arrives so you can enjoy a clean, calm, and uncluttered home.

Make a Cozy Reading Nook

One of the perks of vacation is having time to get lost in one of your favorite books. To enhance your reading experience, create a cozy reading nook, whether it’s in your bedroom, your backyard, or some other favorite spot. All you need are a few oversized pillows, a quiet corner, and of course books!

Get the Spa Treatment… at Home

Nothing says R&R like a spa day. Spoil yourself without a pricey trip to the spa by creating your own home spa, complete with air-purifying plants, soft music, and mood lighting. Opt for battery-operated candles instead of real ones to prevent the risk of your staycation plans burning down the house.

Enjoy a hot, relaxing bath, filled with flower petals and soothing bubbles or bath salts. Don’t forget the fluffy bathrobe and slippers! Convert your bedroom into a luxurious retreat with freshly cleaned sheets, a cozy blanket, and a vase filled with your favorite flowers.

Dine Al Fresco

The enjoyment of a delicious meal doesn’t have to be confined to cafes and restaurants. You can create your own al fresco-style dining area in your backyard with a simple dining set, good food, and great company.

Prepare Your Swimming Pool

Summer vacation and swimming pools go hand in hand. Transform your backyard into a tropical oasis by preparing your pool ahead of time. Use a net to get rid of leaves and debris, and check your pool’s chemistry to ensure proper pH and chlorine level.

Let the Vacation Begin!

Now that your home has been transformed into your dream staycation resort, it’s time to let the vacation begin!

Make Plans

To avoid having your staycation feel like just an ordinary day off, set aside some time to put together an itinerary, just as you would before a trip. Scheduling fun activities ahead of time will also give your family something to look forward to.


One of the best ways to wind down and relax is to unplug (which is hard to do these days). Turn your phone on silent and only respond to text messages and calls when you feel like it. Set up an automatic response for your email, and let people you normally communicate with know that you’ll be going off-grid for a few days. Trust us … you deserve it!

Play Tourist in Your Own City

Explore your city as if you had never been there before. Whether you’re in the mood for a stroll through your neighborhood park or watching a local band perform, you can always find something new and exciting to experience right at home (or close to it, that is).  


Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your staycation!

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