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Florida Weather Predictions for 2016

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Jan 05, 2016

2015 brought one crazy weather event after another – from torrential rainstorms and floods to powerful tornadoes and raging wildfires.

What weather conditions can Floridians expect in 2016? We’ve rounded up several predictions from the experts to help give you an idea of what’s to come for the “Sunshine State.”

El Niño and Its Effect on Florida Weather

The current El Niño event is expected to rank among the top three strongest since 1950, with conditions lasting through late spring or early summer. 

While it may give the northern half of the country a bit of a break this winter, the El Niño will likely bring some frigid weather to Florida. NOAA’s 2016 Winter Outlook forecasts increased chances for below-normal temperatures across parts of the south-central and southeastern U.S., including the Sunshine State. Looks like we may be able to break out those sweaters after all!

Florida will also experience wetter-than-average conditions through February, with parts of the state receiving as much as 70% more precipitation than usual for this time of year. Hope you’ve got a pair of rain boots and an umbrella handy!

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These strong El Niño conditions may also contribute to an increased risk of severe weather as winter progresses, most notably tornadoes. Central and South Florida will be most affected.

Tony Cristaldi, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Melbourne, says, “Typically, El Niño will increase the storminess once we get into the latter part of the winter.” 

Active, Dangerous Hurricane Season for Florida?

HurricaneZonesCould 2016 be the year that breaks Florida’s 10-year no-hurricane streak? Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO), a leading hurricane cycle prediction company, says, “2016 will enter a ‘Climate Pulse Hurricane Enhancement Cycle’ and some prediction zones will be entering the most active hurricane cycles experienced in 60 years.” GWO predicts that the 2016 hurricane season will have a total of 16 named storms, including seven hurricanes, four major hurricanes, and three landfalls.

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