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How to Keep Pets Safe When a Hurricane Hits Florida

by PTI Marketing | May 21, 2015

rainy day dog runFor many Florida homeowners, pets are considered members of their family. If you are a pet owner, you will need to take additional precautions, making special preparations to keep your pet safe and happy, in the event of a storm. 

What supplies will your pets need? How do your pets’ needs fit into your family’s emergency plan? 

Review the following steps before a major storm strikes to keep your furry loved ones safe and healthy. 

Before The Storm

  • Make sure your pets’ tags are current and print a copy of their most-recent shot records.
  • Take a photo of your pets for identification purposes.
  • Add all of your pets’ essentials to the emergency kit.
  • Coordinate boarding options for your pets (pet hospital, kennel, pet-friendly hotel, local shelter, etc.)
  • Designate someone to be responsible for transporting your pet in the event your family evacuates. 

During The Storm

  • Make sure your pet is inside to prevent them from running away.
  • Feed your pet wet canned food before dry food to cut down on the water they need.
  • Separate animals, especially cats and dogs. Storms make animals anxious and can cause problems.
  • Stay calm and act normal. Changes in our behavior can spook animals.
  • Keep dogs, cats, and other pets in crates or cages.
  • If dropping off your pets at a separate shelter, take them there first. Verify the contact information of the shelter and discuss the procedure for returning to pick up your pets.


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