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Hurricane Shutter Installation Tips From The Experts

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | May 21, 2015

StormShutterInstallationOur affiliated Rapid Response Team, Florida's largest insurance restoration general contractor, is prepared to provide emergency repairs to our policyholders in the event that a major storm makes landfall in Florida. The Rapid Response Team’s restoration specialists help our policyholders get back to normal fast.

We asked the Rapid Response Team’s Kevin Walton, Jason Coben, Steve Berman, and Bryan Jeffords about installing Florida storm shutters. Here are their expert insights:


One of the biggest mistakes many Florida homeowners make prior to a major storm is failing to pre-label storm shutters. As a result, they end up with a massive pile of storm shutters sitting in their garage, and when a storm does hit, they are left rushing to determine where each storm shutter is supposed to go… putting family and home in danger.

Storm shutters typically include a marked number on them. The easiest way to organize storm shutters is to take a plastic label and place one on each window of the house, matching them up to the corresponding shutter. That way, you can quickly and easily install your shutters when the time comes. Even better? You will not need a diagram. 


To properly install storm shutters, you will need the following:

Wing-Nut Driver

A wing-nut driver mounts to either an electric screwdriver or power drill. It significantly simplifies the process of clamping down the wing nuts when installing storm shutters. Stock up now! When a hurricane is approaching, you will not be able to find wing-nut drivers in stores. 

Protective Gloves

Avoid the risk of cutting your hands by wearing thick, protective gloves while installing storm shutters. Keep a back-up pair on hand in case a glove rips or a helper forgets their pair at home.

Help From Others

Recruit your neighbors and friends to help install storm shutters. This will make installation easier and faster. At the beginning of storm season, form a small group in your neighborhood who commit to helping each other install shutters, along with any elderly or disabled residents in need of assistance.


Aluminum shutters are lightweight and relatively easy to install. Also, mesh screens are a newer product that can be purchased in lieu of shutters and installed on certain areas of your home, like patio doors.

A Word to the Wise: Avoid metal storm shutters. They are extremely heavy, and very difficult to install.


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