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5 Clever Places To Hide The Matzo

by PTI Marketing | Mar 31, 2015

girl eating matzo flatbreadDoes your family hide the Afikoman for Passover? According to Passover tradition, the head of household hides half of a piece of matzo during the Seder and children later scramble to find it, the winner usually receiving a reward (e.g., candy, money). 

After years of hiding the matzo, it’s easy to run out of creative hiding spots, especially as children get older and wiser.

To help keep the fun going this year, we’ve rounded up five clever places to hide the Afikoman.

#1: Behind Mr. Teddy Bear

This is a great idea, especially for older kids – Tuck the matzo behind a stuffed animal. Chances are they won’t think to take a nostalgic journey through their childhood, digging through old stuffed animals, in the middle of searching for the Afikoman.

#2: In Between Dr. Seuss and the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Camouflage the matzo in between your children’s favorite books on the bookshelf. Unless you look very closely, it’s easy to mistake the matzo for just another book. And remember… the more books on the shelf, the better.

#3: Behind the Fruits and Veggies

Tuck the Afikoman behind fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, or underneath the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. It’s hard enough to get little ones to eat their veggies at dinner… we’ll do almost anything to get them to pursue healthy snacks on their own.

#4: Inside of Your Child’s Lunchbox

Trying packing the matzo where food belongs… inside a lunchbox. This simple, but clever hiding place is probably one of the least likely places your kids will look – and if they give up, it will be a fun surprise when they open their lunchbox the next day.

#5: Inside of a Bathrobe or (Clean) Bath Towel Hanging On the Door

It’s unlikely that most kids would consider checking behind the bathroom door. Whether you prefer to tuck the Afikoman inside a bathrobe or a clean bath towel, this quick and easy hiding place is sure to fool them.

What’s the best place you’ve found to hide the Afikoman?

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