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Easter Egg Painting Preparation & Safety Tips

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Mar 31, 2015

Easter Egg Painting Preparation & Safety TipsPainting Easter eggs is a holiday tradition that many Florida families enjoy taking part in every spring. For children, it’s an egg-citing activity to show off their creativity. For parents, it’s an egg-cellent opportunity to relive childhood experiences and make new family memories.

While decorating Easter eggs is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy, it is also a very messy activity. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that preparing for Peter Cottontail won’t wreak havoc on your home. 


Cover Work Area with Paper Towels or Newsprint

Egg dye easily stains non-egg surfaces. Avoid turning your kitchen countertop or table into a neon-colored rainbow by placing a couple layers of paper towels or newsprint on the surface before you begin decorating eggs.

Lay an Old Sheet on the Floor

In addition to your countertops, the floor is a danger zone for egg dye spillage. Lay down an old sheet on the floor by your work area in case someone accidentally knocks a bowl of dye onto the floor.


Don’t Wear Your Sunday Best; Opt for Old Clothes Instead

Decorating Easter eggs is not the ideal time to wear your nicest apparel. Dye easily stains and is difficult to remove from clothing. When decorating Easter eggs, wear old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. That way, if anything does spill, you don’t ruin your favorite outfit. 

Purchase Non-Toxic Dye

Some Easter egg dyes contain potentially poisonous ingredients, especially if consumed by a young child. Before purchasing dye materials, make sure they feature a NON-TOXIC label.

Stay Safe with Two Sets of Eggs

Prevent the risk of salmonella and other foodborne illnesses by using one set of eggs for decorating and another set for eating.

Wear Gloves

Whether you use powdered dye or food coloring, egg dyes have a tendency to sink into your hands’ creases and nail beds. Prevent your hands from looking like colorful Easter eggs by purchasing a box of disposable gloves for you and your kids to wear while decorating eggs.

Use Spoons to Move Eggs

Using a spoon to move and dip eggs prevents the dye from covering your hands. It also makes dipping eggs into multiple colors for cool, creative patterns a much easier process.

Want to take your eggs up a notch? Many retail stores sell special egg-holding dippers that fit eggs perfectly and allow for easy dipping.

Clean Up

Uh-oh, you spilled dye… Now what?

Spills happen. Fortunately, they can usually be cleaned up. If you do accidentally knock over a bowl of dye, immediately grab a handful of paper towels. Without using too much pressure, press them onto the spill to soak up the excess dye and use club soda to douse the stain for a few minutes. Then, wipe up the mess.

Prevent spills from becoming too much of a nightmare by working over tile, instead of carpet or expensive hardwood floors. 

Do you have any special Easter egg decorating family traditions?

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