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Ever Wonder What Makes Up Rapid Response Team?

by PTI Marketing | Mar 18, 2015

Rapid Response Team Boca Raton

Ever wonder what makes up Rapid Response Team?  We sat down with the Director of Human Resources for Rapid Response Team from People’s Trust Insurance and asked her a few questions.

What type of staff does the Rapid Response Team consist of?

Our core staff in each of our field offices consists of Project Managers, Field Supervisors, Estimators, Restoration Technicians and Administrative Assistants.

What do Project Managers do?

Our Project Managers oversee the teams of restoration technicians and work closely with the homeowners. They ensure that the techs understand the scope of work for each job, that they have the tools they need to do the job and work diligently to ensure the job gets done and gets done right.

What do Estimators do?

Our Estimators are licensed insurance adjusters; however they do not ‘adjust’ the claims for People’s Trust Insurance . They interact with the homeowners and Project Managers and also work closely with the claims department as they provide comprehensive repair estimates. Many times, they are the first person to contact the homeowner after the claim has been submitted.

What do Restoration Technicians do?

Our Restorations Technicians are the folks out in the field who provide the repair services as well as excellent customer service to the homeowners. Some of our technicians may have very specific skill sets and certifications; i.e. Water Technicians and many will be skilled in a variety of trades such as painting, flooring carpentry and drywall.

What do Field Supervisors do?

Our Field Supervisors are a new position recently created to assist the team as we grow. They work very closely with all the technicians out in the field, provide job progress communication and ensure that quality controls are in place and that customers are satisfied.

What is Field Administrative Personnel?

Our Field Administrative personnel work closely with our accounting department at corporate and provide administrative support to the Project Managers and Field Supervisors.

Is there a Corporate Office?

Yes, we can’t forget about the team at the corporate office who provide support to everyone out in the field; the Accounting, Facilities, Operations and HR departments tie it all together.

For more information about Rapid Response Team visit: www.rrtfl.com

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