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Florida Home Repair Insurance Fraud – How People’s Trust Solved a Widespread Problem

by Brooke Gold Hasson | Feb 24, 2015

Florida Home Repair Insurance FraudAs much as we want to live in a world that revolves around trust and honesty, the issue of fraud is unfortunately inevitable.

In January, the Tampa Tribune reported on the ever-increasing problem of Florida home repair insurance fraud. According to the article, Florida homeowners are paying higher insurance rates because of exaggerated claims.

People’s Trust Insurance attempts to curb this growing issue of fraud with its better way of delivering home insurance protection to Floridians. Here’s how…

What is Home Repair Insurance Fraud?

Let’s pretend that you just got home from work only to discover that your roof now has a gaping hole in it from a tree branch that had fallen during that severe afternoon thunderstorm. In a panic, you call a roofing company to come and fix your roof. When they arrive, they hand you a stack of forms and say, “Everything will be okay. We just need you to sign this paperwork and we’ll take care of it.”

Months later, you receive a notice in the mail that you’re being sued on your property for the difference between the repair bill and what your insurance company owes.

In recent years, independent adjusters have made a cottage industry out of inflating damage estimates and sharing the payout with fraudulent individuals.

The People’s Trust Solution

People’s Trust Insurance repairs the damage to our homeowners’ homes, restoring them to pre-loss condition.

We deliver simplified recovery to our policyholders, getting homes and lives back to normal fast. We have an affiliated company that serves only our policyholders, allowing our restoration experts to respond to our customers’ needs with just one phone call.

We deliver emergency repairs through the Rapid Response Team, and we manage, supervise and stand behind the work, providing our policyholders with maximum peace of mind.

Our Rapid Response Team is an independent general contracting company that exists only to serve People’s Trust policyholders. With their services, People’s Trust Insurance is able to provide emergency repairs and mitigate damage anywhere in the state, 24/7.

With more than 300 employees, the Rapid Response Team is Florida’s largest insurance restoration contractor.  Besides storm recovery, the Rapid Response Team will respond to any home emergency, from water damage to smoke to mold, and they will provide outstanding repairs for almost any everyday claim with an unparalleled 3-year, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We use quality supplies and materials, and the work isn’t done until we meet or exceed our policyholders’ expectations and restore their homes to pre-loss condition or better.

Simply a Better Way

This solution to the ever-growing problem of home repair insurance fraud is at the heart of the People’s Trust brand promise – better upfront preparation, simplified recovery for our customers and a better overall value, measured by saving both money and time. It’s what we call Simply A Better Way.

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