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Florida Weather Predictions for 2015

by Brooke Gold Hasson | Jan 15, 2015

cloudy skyWill 2015 bring more worrisome weather to Florida? 

While it’s difficult to know for sure this early in the year, we’ve rounded up several expert predictions to give you an idea of what weather conditions you can expect in Florida. 

The Return of the Polar Vortex?

While a repeat of last year’s persistently cold Polar Vortex is unlikely this year, Florida will likely be hit with below average temperatures and higher than normal precipitation according to the NOAA U.S. Winter Outlook.

The Effect of El Niño

While the odds of a Polar Vortex Round 2 are doubtful, Florida may be facing some pretty severe winter weather of its own. The NOAA predicts a  65% chance  that El Niño conditions will be present this winter, possibly lasting through spring. If El Niño does develop, forecasters with Weather Services International (WSI) expect it to be weak to moderate.

According to AccuWeather, this weak El Niño, paired with the southern storm track and rich moisture source will set up Florida for a significant severe weather potential in mid- to late winter. Tornadoes may even occur between mid-January and February.

Tornado reports from NOAA’s Storm Data reveal that, on average, El Niño conditions are associated with almost twice as many tornadoes in Florida as Neutral and La Nina conditions. Central and South Florida would be most impacted.

The Potential of Another Quiet Hurricane Season?

Fortunately, it looks like Florida will most likely have another quiet hurricane season. The Tropical Storm Risk extended range forecast predicts 2015 Atlantic hurricane activity to be about 20% below the long-term average. However, this prediction is heavily dependent on if the currently developing El Niño continues into summer.

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