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New for 2015: 6 Must-Have Home Innovations

by PTI Marketing | Jan 13, 2015

How smart is your home? Better yet … how connected is it?

Smart home technology is the must-have innovation trend of 2015, as everyday home products begin to integrate computing intelligence and Internet connectivity to expand utility and function.

We’ve rounded up our favorite hot, new home products that would make a great addition to any home. Which is your must-have innovation?

LG Smart ThinQ™ Appliances

LG Smart ThinQ appliances do so much more than simply cook, clean and help keep food fresh. Install the LG Smart ThinQ phone app so you can monitor and control your appliances anytime, anywhere. With the simplest smart phone commands, you can change the start time of pre-set wash cycles, keep track of the food in your refrigerator and much more.

Cost: $1,000 – $3,000

Where to Buy: www.lg.com


The Ring™ Video Doorbell

The Ring™ Video Doorbell lets you answer the door from anywhere using your smartphone. It features an HD camera with night vision, providing a clear view from your front door, day and night.

Cost: $200

Where to Buy: www.ring.com


Brio Electrical Outlet

Brio replaces existing electrical outlets and provides the world’s safest, smartest electrical outlet technology. Brio offers a completely safe environment from shock hazards, and detects carbon monoxide, smoke and water to protect your loved ones in your home. Brio outlets are also child proof. Through innovative sensor technology, Brio can differentiate between an electrical device and a person or pet.

Cost: $50 - $100

Where to Buy: Order at www.briohouse.com


Petnet SmartFeeder

SmartFeeder is the world’s first intelligent pet feeder. With remote feeding capability, customized portions and food recommendations based on your pet's description, and much more, SmartFeeder is the perfect pet feeding companion. 

Cost: $199

Where to Buy: Pre-order at www.petnet.io


Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App

Together, the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App are an unbeatable combination that help anyone to bake beautiful and delicious creations, regardless of experience.

Drop’s sleek scale is covered in kitchen-friendly, heat-resistant silicone, and the precise Bluetooth scale can weigh in ounces or grams: from a fraction of a teaspoon to just over 13 lbs or 6 kg.

Cost: $100

Where to Buy: www.getdrop.com


Smart Home Kit

For those do-it-yourselfers who want a smarter home without spending thousands of dollars on new appliances, the Smart Home Kit is for you. The Smart Home Kit comes with 14 bits, including the cloudBit, an MP3 player, a temperature sensor, a number counter, a threshold and an infrared transmitter. 

Cost: $249

Where to Buy: www.littlebits.cc

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