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Preparing Your Florida Pool for Winter

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Jan 05, 2015

Testing-Pool-Water-300x274In northern states, it is fairly common to drain a swimming pool during the winter months. While we may not have to “winterize” our pools in Florida, we still need to take important steps to keep our pools happy and healthy year-round.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the four things all Florida pool owners should do for maintenance between now and spring.

1. Continue cleaning

Keep your filter clean and vacuum as usual. Even though you are probably using your swimming pool less frequently during the winter months, if at all, it is still important to maintain a cleaning routine. Empty debris traps every few days to prevent leaves and rubbish from building up and clogging your pool’s filtration system.

2. Monitor water level

Due to evaporation, you may need to add water. As rainfall decreases and chilly days become more common, the water in your pool will begin to evaporate. Don’t be surprised if your water level drops one or two inches per week. To prevent your pool’s water level from getting too low, monitor it and add water as needed.

3. Prevent algae build-up

Test the water and keep it circulating. Even in winter, many areas of Florida are prone to algae bloom, due to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. To prevent algae build-up:

  • Test your swimming pool’s water chemistry and balance as needed. Since the water temperature will likely be cooler and there will be less people in the pool, you can reduce the chlorine level slightly.
  • Set the circulation pump to run 4-6 hours per day to keep the water circulating.

4. Invest in a pool heater 

Enjoy your pool to the max, even when it’s chilly out. Why not make the most out of your swimming pool by investing in a pool heater? Since there’s rarely any snow to worry about in Florida, you can enjoy your well-maintained pool throughout the winter. 

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