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Halloween DIY Decorations

by PTI Marketing | Oct 15, 2014

Luminaries-300x198Ready to take your Halloween decorations up a notch this year? Check out the following “spooktacular” DIY decorations and you’ll be a big hit with trick-or-treaters. 

1. Transform tin cans into spooktacular luminaries for your home or front yard

Fill tin cans with water and place them in the freezer overnight. Once the water is frozen, use a permanent marker to draw or trace an image, word or phrase onto the can.

Place the tin cans onto a folded towel. Using a hammer and nail, punch holes into each can to create your design. After the designs are complete, run hot water into the cans to melt the ice.

Once all the ice is melted, wash out the cans and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Paint each tin can with spray or acrylic paint. Use a black paint if you’re going for a spooky feel, or an orange paint for a brighter vibe.

For safety precautions, we recommend using LED lights instead of real candles. Click here for more Halloween safety tips.

2. Give your house a gothic look with creepy candlesticks

Pick up a set of wedding cake columns from your local hobby store. Spray the cake columns with a matte-gray spray paint. Wait until they dry and finish your ghoulish masterpieces by placing taper candles into the holes atop each column and lighting them.

3. Make your pumpkins shine with a glamorous makeover

Place a small pumpkin on a paper plate and, using a paintbrush, cover its exterior with a light layer of glue. Cover the pumpkin with powder glitter and let it dry for an hour.

Once dry, remove excess glitter by shaking slightly. Finish your sparkly masterpiece by painting the stem with brown acrylic paint and let it dry.

4. Create spooky window silhouettes for a cheap & easy haunted house effect

Cut Halloween-inspired silhouettes out of black cardstock (or cardboard that’s been painted black). Fun silhouettes include ghosts, witches and cats.

Use scotch tape to hang silhouettes on your windows and turn on lights behind them to give passersby a fun and spooky sight.

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