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Does Your Home Have a Water Leak? Here’s How to Find Out…

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Sep 22, 2014

iStock_000011413436Medium-300x225It’s the end of the month, and you’ve received your water bill. You notice that something looks a bit strange… your bill is significantly higher than last month, but you used the same amount of water. So what’s going on? 

There’s a good chance you may have a leak. Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes. From water bill spikes to dark wall stains, there are several warning signs that indicate the presence of a leak. 

Here are five common warning signs that your home may be suffering from a water leak. 

o   Dark stains on the wall and ceiling

o   Musty odors

o   Rusty nails

o   Warped or damaged wood

o   Soft, swelling or discolored walls

To check if your home has a water leak, shut off all water faucets in the house and make sure appliances that use water, such as the ice maker or dishwasher, are not engaged. Monitor the water meter reading for about an hour. If the water flow continues, you have a leak. 

If you are a People’s Trust policyholder and require emergency water mitigation services, contact our Rapid Response Team 24/7 at 1-888-410-7274.

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