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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in Florida

by BROOKE GOLD HASSON | Aug 26, 2014

iStock_000013843783Medium-300x199While it may seem like a quieter than usual hurricane season, you never know when the next storm may strike. It’s essential to make sure you know how to keep your home safe in case a storm hits. From flooding to wind damage to lightning strikes, hurricanes can cause severe damage to one’s home, especially if it is not properly protected.

By following these storm preparation steps, you can reduce the chances of your home being destroyed in the event of a severe hurricane or tropical storm.

  • Reinforce your garage door.
  • Keep trees properly trimmed to prevent weak branches from becoming flying missiles.
  • Securely fasten your roof to the frame structure by installing straps or additional clips. We recommend hiring a licensed roofer to ensure the roof straps are installed properly.
  • Secure ALL windows in your home.
  • Find out your home’s elevation and whether the land is flood-prone.
  • If you don’t already have storm shutters or hurricane windows, now’s the time to get plywood so you can board up your home when the time comes. If you do already have shutters, perform a dry run to make sure you have all the pieces and tools you need should a storm threaten.

For more hurricane preparation and safety tips, download our free 2014 Hurricane Preparedness Guide:  https://peoplestrustinsurance.com/BePrepared/2014/Guide

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