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Labor Day Travel Plans? Protect Your Florida Home While On Vacation

by PTI Marketing | Aug 25, 2014

full mailboxWith Labor Day less than a week away, many homeowners will be packing up for an extended weekend getaway filled with friends, family and “fun in the sun.” However, nothing’s worse than returning from paradise only to find that someone has broken into your home and stolen your valuables. 

Here are some reminders to help you protect your home against theft while you’re away: 

  • Install timers on your lamps to give the illusion that you’re home.
  • Make sure your external doors (front, back and sides) have Grade 1 or 2 deadbolt locks that penetrate the door frames. Grade 1 is the strongest grade deadbolt lock and will supply for any residential or commercial product, while Grade 2 is designed and built to offer excellent security and durability for more residential applications and some light commercial applications.
  • Put a temporary hold on newspapers and mail, or have a neighbor collect them.
  • Hire a lawn care service to mow your lawn while you’re gone to make it look like you’re still home. 
  • Give a copy of your house key to a trusted neighbor or nearby friend in case of emergency.
  • Post security company signs or “Beware of Dog” signs in your yard.
  • Trim and prune shrubbery to eliminate hiding spots for potential burglars.
  • Avoid posting your travel plans and activities on social media channels until you are on your way home so potential burglars aren’t alerted to your unattended home. 

Check out this article for more advice on how to protect your home while on vacation. We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

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