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Flood Insurance in Florida

by PTI Marketing | Jun 27, 2014

house in the middle of seaPeople’s Trust Will Help You Get the Flood Coverage You Need

With hurricane season upon us and a projection of five hurricanes this year, it’s time to think about flooding and flood insurance. In the U.S., floods cause more property damage each year than any other weather-related catastrophe.

That’s especially important to remember here in Florida because we face a variety of different flood culprits. Heavy rains can slowly build up flood waters or even cause flash floods in some areas while hurricanes dump large amounts of water on our homes almost every year

We’ve had a relatively quiet year so far, but that’s no reason to let up now.

Flood maps can give us a good idea of areas at risk, but the danger of flooding is always present in Florida. Hurricane season only intensifies the risk and means we should be better prepared for what may come. Be sure you check out the People’s Trust info-graphic on the dangers projected for this hurricane season.

Flood Warnings

Part of staying safe is knowing what the different flood alerts mean for you and your family. The current flood notices in use by the National Weather Service are:

Flood Advisory: Advisories are issued when flooding is possible but isn’t expected to pose a significant hazard. This alert is mainly a signal to pay attention and take precautions against dangerous situations.

Flood Watch: This is issued when it is likely that a flood will occur in an area. This does not mean flooding has already happened, merely that it’s likely to happen.

Flood Warning: When flooding occurs or is imminent, your weather service will issue a Flood Warning. Take immediate action to protect yourself and move to higher ground.

Flash Flood Warning: This warning means that a flash flood is occurring or expected to occur at any moment. If you’re in a low-lying area immediately get to high ground. Flash floods are powerful and violent with the ability to move to areas that aren’t currently seeing rain.

These alerts can happen anywhere, not just locations found on flood maps. The dangers of these waters cover every home in Florida, so it’s always best to get added protection for your home.

Did you know nearly 20% of Flood Insurance Claims come from moderate-to-low risk areas?

Protecting Yourself and Your Home

Just six inches of water from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, and we all know that hurricanes can bring in a lot more than six inches in a very short amount of time.

The average flood claim is for more than $40,000, but you can protect your belongings by having flood insurance. Flood insurance is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy and must be purchased separately. We aim to be your flood experts to keep you safe though smart tips and flood insurance.

Call People’s Trust Insurance today to discuss your flood insurance needs: 800-500-1818. There is a 30-day wait on most new policies, so act before it’s too late.

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