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Home Maintenance Calendar

by PTI Marketing | Jun 25, 2014

home maintenance digital calendarTry These Tools To Create a Schedule You Can Stick By

There are many great resources for what home maintenance tasks to do and when to do them; we’ve even created a lot around seasonsthe yardsaving money, and more.

The problem that many people find is actually remembering to take care of those issues and not keep putting off the work until tomorrow. Procrastination is easy these days with lots of shiny things to grab our attention and plenty of great TV to catch up on.

People’s Trust understands what it’s like; we find ourselves missing some chores every now and then too, so we’ve put together a list of ways to help you remember home maintenance tasks and get yourself on the path to good home upkeep. Whatever works best, make sure you’ve got a good home maintenance checklist or home maintenance schedule.

Your Digital Calendar

The community over at Lifehack has created a great starter home maintenance calendar that can be used by Florida residents to help digitize your home maintenance checklist.

First, let’s get the links and then we’ll look at how to use the calendar itself.

Calendar Links By Service

  • Google Calendar link here
  • iCalendar (Apple) version here
  • Web version here (only a browser is needed)

Now, these are just some of the very few available calendars on the web. We’ve selected this group because it comes from a safe, trusted source and was built in collaboration with lawn care and home experts such as Bob Vila.

Using these Calendars

The great thing about the home maintenance calendars made available by the Lifehack community is that they’re all free to use and very simple. Those links will allow you to add the calendar events to your existing calendar with just the click of a button. For the web version, you can save the file, copy it to Excel or print it and keep the whole thing handy.

By using these digital services, your calendars will automatically send you updates and notices that it’s time to clean the gutters or that you should schedule your A/C for inspection.

Smartphone Extras

If you’re a big smartphone user and like getting your updates there, either Google Calendar or iCal support likely exists on your phone. Simply coming to this blog post on your smartphone and clicking the links above will add those home maintenance tips to your device.

For added support, you can also turn to third-party apps like Remember the Milk that allows you to create reminders for these tasks and even assign them to family members. Some will email reminders out to anyone you list as responsible for the chore.

Your Custom Calendar

The home maintenance calendar developed by the Lifehack community is just a start and should be tailored to your specific home needs. Give it a read through and remove anything that may not apply; if you don’t have a deck then you won’t need to pressure wash it.

You should also read through and add things that may be missing. Do you have a fountain? Make sure you’re checking its pump at least once a season and clearing away any debris from the drains every other week and after any major storm.

We’ve provided a lot of great resources to help you determine what tasks to do and how often. There are also other tools you can use to tailor a home maintenance schedule to your life, such as HomeSpot.

There’s a wealth of information out there, and People’s Trust would like to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any great tips, leave us a comment below and we’ll add good services to our list.

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