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Thank You to All Who Serve in Our Emergency Services

by PTI Marketing | May 19, 2014

ems paramedics teamPeople’s Trust Wishes You a Happy National EMS Week

This is the 40th anniversary of National Emergency Medical Services Week, when we take time to learn about our local EMS community and say “thanks” for all the hard work that goes in to keeping Florida residents safe all year long.

With hurricane season fast approaching, People’s Trust would like to express special gratitude to those who will risk their lives to save others in the event of an emergency or disaster striking our home state. Dedicated EMS men and women show up year after year and help mitigate much of the damage and danger associated with hurricanes and their aftermath.

EMS workers show up on the front lines of any disaster, large or small. They come to where we work, live and play to provide lifesaving support, relieve pain, and keep our streets full of life. Paramedics are your safety net, so always listen to and follow directions given when a paramedic or other EMS personnel has arrived on a scene. And always thank them for the help they provide.

Celebrate Safety

One way you can join in the festivities is to make sure you have a plan for when danger strikes. Plans should cover major events like hurricanes down to small events such as an in-home illness.

Some great tips from our EMS friends and family include:

  • Make your home number visible from the street. If possible, make sure they’re lit at night. This helps emergency personnel find your house quickly and can help save the life of a neighbor if their house numbers are hard to see.
  • Create a list of emergency contacts and keep it near the phone. This should include friends or neighbors plus the phone numbers for poison control, the police, your vet and other emergency services.
  • Make of list of immunizations and allergies. This can help EMS personnel to correctly respond to any accident or illness in your home.
  • Take a first aid class and stay up-to-date. Did you know that you should hands-only CPR for teens and adults who suddenly collapse, but tradition CPR should be used on infants, children, and any victim of drowning?
  • Learn the symptoms of diseases that may strike your family. For older Americans this means learning the facts about strokes and the immediate need to call 911 to improve the recovery options of your loved ones.

Thank You

People’s Trust would like to thank you for all that you’ve done and all you will do in service to your fellow Americans.

We’ll leave you with the words of President Obama from last year’s proclamation of EMS Week:

“When Americans find themselves in times of crisis — from car accidents to national tragedies — our robust network of EMS professionals ensures that quality medical care is only moments away. This week, let us recommit to supporting EMS personnel and thanking them for their heroic contributions to our lives.”

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