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Hurricane Supplies Are Tax Free Starting May 31

by PTI Marketing Team | May 15, 2014

hurricane suppliesGov. Scott Signs Bill to Create 9-Day Tax Holiday on Common Preparedness Goods

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a new law creating a series of tax-free shopping holidays including a period of nine days covering hurricane preparation supplies. Starting May 31 and ending June 8, Floridians can buy hurricane-related items without being subject to the 6% state sales tax.

The tax supply holiday is a great reminder for Floridians to get out and plan for the coming hurricane season. People’s Trust thinks you should use it stock up on supplies for your disaster preparedness kit and to see what new items may be available.

Since the holiday doesn’t start until the end of May, there’s plenty of time to check existing radios, flashlights, and other materials to see what needs to be replaced.

Tax-Free Items

Goods included in the nine-day tax-free holiday are:

  • Batteries (priced $30 or less)
  • Flashlights ($20)
  • Light sources: Standing self-powered, portable units ($20)
  • Tarps ($50)
  • Weather radios ($50)
  • First-aid kids ($40)
  • Fuel Tanks: Both gas and diesel models ($25)
  • Coolers: Non-electric food storage containers ($30)
  • Generators ($750)
  • And more.

Your local hardware store can provide you with information on items that are on sale and if the items in your cart exceed and value-based caps. In previous years, major retailers have listed items as “tax-free” on shelf displays in their stores.

After buying your items, add them to your emergency supplies and read up on any safety precautions. This includes items such as never running your generator indoors.

A Call to Stay Safe

When signing the bill, Gov. Scott said that he hopes Florida will see the savings as a time for taking action to make sure all of their protections are in place.

“Hurricane season begins June 1 and Florida families need to get a plan. While we always hope for the best, Florida families need to be prepared for anything. Everyone should have a family disaster kit with supplies and medications, be prepared to evacuate if advised to do so by emergency management officials, know your evacuation route and where you can take your pets if you have to shelter, and have all of your important documents and cash together to take with you,” said Governor Scott.

People’s Trust also thinks you should have a list of emergency alerts and active warnings that cover the hurricanes, storm surges and tornadoes that put Florida homeowners at risk

The Role of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know that 40% of hurricanes that reach the United States hit Florida?

People’s Trust wants you to stay safe in the event of any storm. That means caring for your family first and foremost.

If you’re ever told to evacuate, do it. We can help you recover and repair property after a catastrophe. You and your family are the most important, and should be brought to safety before anything else.

If you’re already a People’s Trust customer, return to your home once any evacuation order is lifted and assess your property. If you notice any wind or roof damage, call us anytime day or night at 877-33-1230.

If you’re considering becoming part of the People’s Trust family, you can reach us at 800-500-1818 to learn more about the protections we offer related to wind and other Florida hazards. Need a little help making up your mind? Click here to see what our customers have to say about the quality of service we provide.

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