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World Health Day

by PTI Marketing | May 04, 2014

house in floridaFlorida Homeowners Can Also Reflect on Nature’s Bounty

All across the world, spring is host to celebrations for our planet and the plants that live on it. Here in Florida, we’ve celebrated Arbor Day and Earth Day, but today in Japan Greenery Day is traditionally celebrated. Japanese citizens take the day to commune with nature and express thankfulness for the blessings of life and nature.

The celebration honors plants and initially was held on April 29, the birthday of Japan’s 124th Emperor Hirohito, also known as Emperor Shōwa. He was the emperor during World War II and reigned until his death in 1989. The Emperor, who is a somewhat controversial figure in Japan, had a deep love for plants. The country recently shifted Greenery Day to May 4 so that Emperor Shōwa would have his own celebration on his birthday.

To celebrate, you can take some time to care for your lawn and your home. Working on your yard can be a great way to have more family time in the afternoons. You can try planting a tree like a Florida palm or some nice flowers that add curb appeal to your home.

When you’re out working in the yard, make sure to protect yourself from diseases caused by mosquitoes and ticks, Use insect repellent containing DEET. If you need to mow the lawn, always be careful when operating your machine. Remember that safety tips are different for riding and push mowers.

If the sun is too hot for you, plants are also a great addition to the inside of your home. Indoor gardens can provide a great way to spend some time and also serve to cleanse the air inside your home.

Have a wonderful day of calm reflection.

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