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Safe Party Planning for Easter

by PTI Marketing | Apr 16, 2014

egg hunt easter with bunnyPeople’s Trust Hopes You Have a Great Easter This Weekend

Easter is a time of celebration and often comes with a variety of parties that include bunnies and egg hunts, plus general relaxation for adults. If you’re planning home and garden party activities from egg hunts to sack races, remember to keep safety in mind. When you have guests over, it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re having a good time and – more importantly – to make sure they stay safe.

Easter parties run many of the same risks as other parties, so make sure you’re prepared when it comes to drinking responsibly, keeping decorations away from heat sources, having a guest list, and staying vigilant.

Avoiding Alcohol Problems

Since Mimosas and other drinks often come out at these home and garden parties or brunches, be sure to stop serving any alcohol at least an hour before the party ends. This gives your guests time to sober up. If they’re still not ready to drive, have the number for a local taxi company handy – never let drunk or buzzed friends get behind the wheel.

Easter Egg Protections

Some party tips for your Easter home and garden party are specific to the season and include:

  • Dyeing eggs: Many dyes, especially fancier ones with glitter or metal flakes, are not food-safe, so they cannot be consumed. Even if you use food-safe dyes, it’s best not to eat any eggs that you dye. Dyes can sometimes cause allergies even when labeled as safe.
  • Cracked shells: Don’t dye or eat eggs with cracked shells. Cracks can cause some leakage, which can spread bacteria around your kitchen as you prepare them. When it comes to Easter, it’s best to throw out any cracked eggs.
  • Hiding eggs: We’ve got another great post coming up about how to have a safe Easter egg hunt. But one tip for preparation is to make one batch of eggs for hiding and another for eating. Dirt, debris and even pesticides from your lawn can end up on eggs that are hidden outside.
  • Eating hard boiled eggs: If you plan on eating some hard boiled eggs, don’t let them sit out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. After this time, bacteria can grow and contaminate your food.
  • Labeling candy: Adults with nut allergies are typically good at avoiding dangerous foods, but kids need an extra layer of protection. Label any foods, especially candies, that have nuts. When hiding eggs with candy inside, avoid candies with nuts or other allergens.

Adults Need Breaks Too

Easter parties often have a lot of activities for the kids, giving the adults plenty of time to relax. Each activity at your home and garden needs to be monitored by at least one adult. For large parties, you can rotate who is watching the children for each activity. Some families even hire a babysitter for the event to keep an eye on things while adults are in another room.

Make sure you’re easy to find and that you have a list of local emergency numbers no matter who is watching the children. If an accident happens, you are responsible to ensure that proper care is given.

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