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Recall Alert for Hitachi Koki Grass Trimmers

by PTI MARKETING | Mar 14, 2014

hitachi kobi grass trimmerHitachi Koki is recalling more than 127,400 grass trimmers because they can overheat and pose a risk of both burning the user and starting a fire. The Hitachi and Tanaka brand gasoline-powered grass trimmers present a potential danger in their back engine unit. Hitachi brand trimmers have a green engine cover while the Tanaka brand uses orange covers; the logos of each are located on a circular plate attached to the starter pull housing.

Hitachi Koki has not yet received any reports that the trimmer malfunctions have caused a specific injury. Recalled units can be determined by the brand, color, model number and serial number located on the same circular plate on the starter pull housing.

Product Names:

The lawn trimmer models included in the recall are:


Model Number

Serial Number Range


(Green engine cover)


J100001 to J906000

P130001 to P730500


J100001 to J500500


JD90001 to JD11200

P120001 to P830200


J600001 to JD00700

P130001 to P530020


J600001 to J410050


(Orange engine cover)


J200001 to JN10350

P120001 to P430100


J200001 to J700100


J200001 to JN00500

P120001 to P730500


J700001 to J810500

PD20001 to P230800


J700001 to J810800


400001 to 500264


400001 to 400396


grass-trimmerPotential Hazard:

Hitachi Koki said that there is the potential for the trimmer to overheat, creating fire and burn hazards. The company has not specified details about potential overheating and noted that this recall comes before any related injuries have been reported.


If you have one of the recalled trimmers, immediately stop using and contact Hitachi Koki U.S.A. You can return the product directly to Hitachi for a free repair.

Retail Locations for Recalled Items:

These grass trimmers were largely sold at Lowe's, Sears and other national home improvement stores as well as through Amazon.com online. The units were sold from March 2010 through November 2013 and cost consumers between $300 and $800.

Roughly 115,000 units were sold in the United States and the remaining 12,400 were sold in Canada.

grass-trimmer2Replacement Contact Information:

Contact Hitachi Koki directly to get a repair for your trimmer. Call the company toll-free at (855) 880-6638 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET on Monday through Friday.

You can read the full recall notification from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission here. The company says it will update its Safety Notice/Recalls page if any additional information arises.

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