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Pet Tips for the Spring Cleaning and Play

by PTI Marketing | Feb 28, 2014

kitten and puppy having funIs there anything nicer than taking the dog out for a long walk once the weather warms up?

Pets are a joy the whole year round, and spring represents a nice seasonal change where we and our animals get more fresh air. We also love to clean this time of year to give the house a fresh feel. As you prep for these changes, make sure you’re not accidentally putting your pet in harm’s way.

Things to be careful of this spring include:

  • Cleaners. If you’re spring cleaning, make sure that you keep all of your chemicals and cleaners away from your pets. Keep them in locations or cabinets that pets can’t access. While some may claim to be pet-friendly, it’s best to take no risks.
  • Home Improvements. When you get out the tools to clean up your yard or paint your home, make sure your furry friends can’t access to anything dangerous. Paints, fertilizers and weed killers can be potentially deadly to your pets, so make sure they’re always sealed and keep the pets inside when you’re painting. If you’re doing repairs, make sure pets can’t step on nails or take a bite out of insulation.
  • New Plants. Easter comes with two common types of plants, both of which are dangerous to animals: Easter lilies and plastic grass. Lilies are deadly to your pets when eaten, and kittens are especially fond of playing with and snacking on plastic grass, which can cause them major internal pain. The ASPCA offers a full list of plants that can be harmful to your pets.
  • Sticks. Dogs love sticks, but sticks don’t love dogs. Winter knocks limbs and branches off of trees, and these can injure your dog’s mouth, throat, or even choke them. For chewing and fetching, try a tennis ball or a Frisbee instead.
  • Pests. People and their pets aren’t the only things that come out during the spring. Fleas, ticks and heartworms are more prominent as the weather warms, so start any treatments early and keep your pets safe and happy.

If you think your pet has ingested anything dangerous, call your vet immediately. Keeping your home clean is a great way to give your pet a safe place to be and ensure many long years together.

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