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Sticking With Resolutions through Home Care

by PTI Marketing | Feb 10, 2014

florida homeWe’re approaching crunch time for sticking with New Year’s resolutions, but this year you’ve got a chance to stick with it. Stick to your resolutions by attaching them to something you love: your home.

While the most common resolutions aren’t about keeping your home in shape, you can add a household element to take some of the pressure off yourself. Focusing on the house also helps you keep your resolution fresh. Many of the following resolutions have another great benefit, they require a little activity and can help with any slim-and-trim plans you’ve made.

For your house, People’s Trust Insurance suggests:

  • Have more family time. Quality time usually means finding an activity to do together without other distractions. Some of these actions that can also help your home and its value include planting a garden or tree together, creating a plan and gathering materials for emergencies, and creating seasonal decorations to spruce up the lawn.
  • Get it all organized. Instead of organizing your life, try working on your garage or a small work space. Get rid of old papers or broken tools and add shelving outside or inside to give yourself a little extra space. Cleaning up that home office can give you a little peace and help you focus on you.
  • Drink a little less. Drinking can be expensive, whether it’s you or your house that’s doing the sipping. To curb how much water your home is using, you can start with low-flow showerheads and faucets. These have great-looking models and can help you cut hundreds of dollars off your water bill each year. A low-flow toilet is estimated to save $90 each year if you’re switching from an older model.

Our favorite resolutions are all about saving money. If that’s another resolution you made this year, why not call People’s Trust Insurance regarding your homeowners insurance? You can switch your homeowners insurance policy at any time, penalty free, making today a great day to save.

Call People’s Trust Insurance for a free, no-obligation quote: 1-888-524-6003.

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