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New Year's Resolutions That Could Save You Money

by PTI Marketing | Jan 10, 2014

hand putting money in a piggy bankWe all make new year’s resolutions, each of us with a different level of conviction. Some follow through, but most do not. Here’s an incentive to make you want to stick with your resolutions - saving money on your home insurance! Take a look at some new year’s resolutions recommended by People’s Trust Insurance that could save you money, you may have another incentive to stick to your new year’s goals!

  • Keep your home up-to-date.  If you haven’t cleaned your rain gutters in five years, it’s time. The things you haven’t done - do them! Reason being, they can cause problems in your home which can equal disaster which typically costs more money than if you initially took care of the problem.
  • Quit smoking. One of the most common new year’s resolutions. The benefits to your health, lifestyle, and wallet far outstrip anything home insurance can offer, but it does lower the risk of causing a fire in your home - and this will keep you and your family safer!
  • Start fresh. Sometimes nothing feels better than starting over in a new home. We’re not advocating that you spend money you don’t have on buying new. If buying or building a new house is already in your plans, however, know that houses built within the last 10 years can sometimes save you on your premiums.
  • Get organized. Resolutions usually include at least one nod to becoming more organized in the New Year. If tidying up makes your priority list, you might as well combine it with another task. While you’re going through your stuff anyway, catalog your possessions and organize them into a home inventory. Having a home inventory can help you prove what you own and settle a claim quickly and easily in the event you have one.
  • Save money. Planning to save more in the coming year? Call People’s Trust Insurance today for a FREE, no obligation quote and see how much you may be able to save on your homeowners insurance.

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