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Cold Weather Protection Tips from People's Trust

by PTI Marketing | Jan 05, 2014

woman and child next to a fireplaceYou may have noticed the weather has been a bit cold lately.  And while we can’t change the weather, you can minimize some of winter’s threats to your home.  People’s Trust  Insurance recommends you take the following precautions to your home during the cold winter months.    

  • Test your smoke alarms and replace batteries if needed. 
  • Look under the sink cabinets for moisture or leaks. If there is one, contact a plumber to get the problem fixed before you have a bigger issue on your hands.
  • In Florida, fireplaces are more often a feature included for aesthetic purposes rather than as a heat source, but fireplace safety is still a concern for the homeowner. Have the chimney inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney specialist at least once per year. Make sure that the hearth is clear of all trash and flammable items.
  • When using a fireplace homeowners will want to make sure that glass doors are left open to allow sufficient air to enter so that complete combustion of all fuels takes place. This will also help prevent excessive buildup of creosote in the chimney.
  • Never leave a candle or fireplace or any type of fire unattended.
  • Pipes: Nobody wants to deal with a frozen pipe, so if you live in a place susceptible to freezing, wrap exposed ones with heating tape every winter and keep your home above 65 degrees. Always check for cracks and leaks. And know where the main water shut-off is in your home so you can act quickly if there is a problem.
  • It is a good idea to have your heating systems (furnace, fireplace, water heater, etc.) serviced every year to ensure there are no issues and prevent bigger ones from occurring.
  • Keep space heaters away from furniture and curtains.

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