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People's Trust Identity Theft Tips

by PTI Marketing | Dec 20, 2013

identity theft shredder machineDecember is not only the shop ‘til you drop season, it’s also National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness month.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the number one type of consumer fraud in the U.S., resulting in about 9 million people annually having their identity stolen. Thieves usually exploit their victims by impersonating them after stealing their Social Security number and credit card information or worse, selling valuable Social Security numbers on the black market.

People’s Trust Insurance wants you to stay protected.   Here are some tips for to minimize data breaches:

1)      Review your monthly bank statements (credit card statements.)

2)      Shred Sensitive Documents

3)      Opt Out of Financial Junk Mail

4)      Protect Your Computer Systems

5)      Order Your Free Credit Report to Monitor Account Fraud

6)      Set up fraud alerts on your credit reports.

7)      If you plan to resell a computer or old phone make sure all information is completely wiped off of it.

8)      Use a Fire Safe for Important Documents

9)      Protect your passwords- never give them out and try not to use the same one for multiple accounts in case one is compromised.

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